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    Tattooer at Tiny tims boulevard tattoo in collingdale, PA
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    Tattooing, History, Family time
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  1. Drawn on with marker free hand rose from a couple nights ago
  2. Thanks for the welcome and my instagram is FP_55 and suburbanxcore ardmores real close by good to see people near by thanks for the welcome
  3. Sparrow with script above it
  4. fpattersonblvdtattoo


    Placement is the stomach
  5. Skull with top hat with ace of spades
  6. Love the last sparrow interviews find them both educational and well put together interviews of tattooers. I'm 24 and tattoo at tiny tims boulevard tattoo in Collingdale PA. Been tattooing for 4 and a half years and working here for a little over a year and a half. I enjoy working pretty much everyday and meeting new tattooers and learning something new everyday, tattoo or life related. Made this account to check out other tattooers opinions on industry and world related views. And to hopefully give back to tattooing as it has giving me so much in my life Much respect, Fred Patterson