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  1. I log back in for the first time in months to see this... GOD DAMN!
  2. Catholicism WOW! Side note- I used to own a buddy christ figurine. Damn I miss that thing
  3. I will try my best to be there. Mondays and Wednesdays are definite no-gos for me. Most other nights are difficult as well so don't plan around me by any means. I'll just try to make it work with whatever night you guys pick!
  4. I ride past that shop almost every day and have never been inspired to check it out. that's actually a nice tattoo. guess Ima have to walk in sometime and take a look.
  5. reading these kind of threads is painful sometimes...
  6. first post with a bang! welcome and I hope you stick around with awesome tattoos like those!
  7. Avery, I appreciate how you're looking at the whole picture and aren't just mirroring your personal experience onto her situation (not to say that a lot of people's personal experiences on here are not potentially relevant and helpful..) Anyways, good luck no matter which path you and your family end up taking @Natveggie45 .
  8. ain't nothing wrong with that. there are plenty of peonies, panthers, skulls, roses, snakes, eagles, dragons, lady heads, blah blah blah, and yet they all still make awesome tattoos. you don't need to have the most unique tattoo in the world to have a good tattoo!
  9. you stealing my pics from the random picture thread and trying to pass them off here?? :p
  10. considering this thread has been sleeping for over a year I'm guessing this person already got something tattooed and from the OP's last login date of 02/2011 I'm guessing they're never going to read these recent responses can we let old threads stay dead please? this one wasn't even brought back for any real reason...
  11. non-moderator's only have "edit post" available for a short time immediately after posting something just checked. it's there by the quote button
  12. I know I'm a couple pages behind on the response, but I was stoked to log in and see the Carmichael and Leu tattoos on the same page. Can we get less scratcher bullshit/ego stroking/personal validation threads and more awesome tattoos like these instead? Please and thank you.
  13. Also, the tattoos on the Temple site do not do justice to what kind of stuff comes out of that shop
  14. I've seen some of Freddy's work and it's held up fine over time. My tattoos from him are still relatively fresh but I'm pretty sure that guy knows what he's doing and is gonna lay down a tattoo that'll last ;)
  15. I really like all the components of that (in particular the use of the flags to cap it off) but I feel like there's just too much going on. It seems like it's all in your face foreground and I have a hard time focusing on it without background to balance it. Maybe that's just me. Either way it's an awesome tattoo.
  16. he's gonna be the next julia roberts dude. awesome
  17. Like usual, take Hunter's advice cautiously... BART is no more dangerous than anywhere else. Trip not.
  18. I've got chains. They look good. Do it!
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