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  1. Wsaund

    Hello from MD

    Sorry. I took out the price. - - - Updated - - - Is it normal to be told a flat price, then come back for another session and they charge you more because they under estimated the time it would take? No being snide, I honestly don't know if this is normal practice or not.
  2. Wsaund

    Hallo all...

    Welcome, good place here
  3. Welcome, post if you get it done.
  4. Wsaund


    Welcome, good place here
  5. I would ad some cool or drop shadow to give it more pop. Just my .02
  6. Wsaund


    Welcome. I'm new here too but it's a good place.
  7. I am getting my first tattoo and my wife does not like tattoos but she is supporting my decision 100%
  8. Wsaund

    Hello from MD

    I have 10 hours left. Now here is my problem. I was told it would be X number for the whole thing, but because they under estimated how long it would take, they are gonna charge me double what I was told it would be for the tattoo. Kinda pissed. I have a baby on the way in a couple months and do not have any additional funds available. Edit: this is from the owner of the shop, not the artist that is doing my work. He originally told me that it was gonna take him long than he expected and would not charge me any more money.
  9. New to the forum and tattoos. Wanted to say "Hi". Name is. Bill, and I live in MD. I am in the process of getting my first tattoo and can't wait for it to get done. First session was 7.5 hours and probably got about 10 more to go.
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