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  1. So has nobody had any sort of feedback from an actual full blooded native american on tattoos of their culture? I love the imagery but would feel bad getting it considering my culture essentially committed genocide upon their's
  2. Actually now that I think about it, it would almost be easier to travel to the north of the U.S.A than to travel across Canada to Vancouver, so if anybody could recommend any good artists in MA or NY, that would be great. I already know of Horizakura and am greatly considering him, but other options would be great. Thanks.
  3. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but could anybody recommend me some good traditional Japanese artists in Canada? I am moving to Toronto this summer, and wish to start a full body suit. I know of Daniel Innes already but would like to know of as many as I can before I start my journey.
  4. That Sailor Jerry flash is great! Stewart does some great pieces but it's nice to see how the eastern influence creeps into some of the traditional work he does.
  5. I'm not sure if anybody has posted it but Chad Koeplinger recently finished a huge Native American skull on somebody's back in two sessions, ridiculous! I can't find a picture of it right now but if I do I'll post it.
  6. Hi Mel, I'm just wondering where you got the horse Tattoo in your profile picture? My family lives in Newcastle and I visit there a few times a year, I love the piece!

  7. I got a traditional gypsy tattooed on my stomach when I was 16, but began to regret it as I rushed into it and realized I would cover it up later, since then I've been waiting to find the right artist to take such a journey with! Expense isn't an issue, I will be spending any sort of money I had saved for college or university on this as I am lucky enough to have fallen into a job that can support both. Thank you everybody for the replies, I have bookmarked every artist's site! I am not specifically looking for artists who practice Tebori, but artists who simply respect the tradition, Tebori
  8. I am moving to Toronto next year, and want to begin a full body Japanese suit. Could anybody recommend me artists in Canada/the U.S. who tattoo traditionally? I am very willing/eager to travel, and expense is not an issue, I am after quality work. I have done some research but would like another's opinion, thank you!
  9. I'm going to Hong Kong next week and was wondering if anybody knew of any studios or artists there that did traditional work? I've already tried googling and couldn't find anything I liked. Thanks!
  10. Thank you all for the very kind advice! I do check out my shop before I would ever get something done there, and sadly I haven't felt comfortable in any of the shops I've been in here, so I will definitely save up and travel after I finish school. Hopefully I can get a few tattoos on the way haha. Sadly, I rushed into my first tattoo and got a gypsy head on my stomach, I still like her a lot, but I came to regret the placement as I have fallen in love with full frontal chestpieces (as in the stomach and chest are one whole piece), but because of her I won't be able to get that, so I'll trave
  11. Thank you all for the advice, and I agree that is a big spot. I'll probably return to England, or travel somewhere else (i.e America/Japan) after I finish school, so I think i'll head down to Jayne Doe tattoo parlour then. Or somehow convince my father to take me down, it's my favourite tattoo shop in all of England. Thanks guys!
  12. Actually that's the problem. I've been living in Singapore for the past 8 years, and there aren't any artists that do pure traditional. Since we're so far in the east, most artists have developed either doing Japanese, or the tribal artwork of the surrounding area. However, I will be travelling to my hometown of Newcastle, England, and plan to get something done there, so I was planning to have my chest done there. I'm only 17 so sadly traveling around England isn't an option. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anybody had any flash of native american ladies, but from a portrait perspective. Similar to the images attached. I want to get one for a chest piece but I'm having difficulty finding any references. Thank you in advance!
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