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  1. Yeah, I have to agree with daveborjes here - bit of an novice drop there. Guns kill people, tattoo machines create art.
  2. When I was learning - I say that loosely because I did not have a traditional apprenticeship at all - I tattooed my own knee and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My thighs were the most painful...I couldn't even finish the outline! Safe to say, those two pieces are gonna get covered-up at some point. After scouring back through posts, I was amazed to see the great @Valerie Vargas on here! Her work is absolutely brilliant!
  3. Wow man, that Shishi piece is absolutely beautiful! Welcome to the forums @tattooscience :)
  4. Wow, everyone has been up to loads of cool stuff! I've been working on my artwork lately, re-learning watercolor painting and learning how to work with charcoal (I'll post some stuff in a few weeks when I've gotten used to it) but compared to everyone else's posts, mine is not NEARLY as exciting :(
  5. My worst one was a dodgy spider's web on my elbow - then it was twice as bad getting it faded down for a cover-up with laser treatment... the tattoo itself felt like a deep cut, the laser a few months later felt like a hot razor peeling my skin off :/
  6. My advice would be to talk to your artist and ask them for their input, too. You should never be afraid to consult your artist when the prospect of having work done is the subject matter - I have a half sleeve around my first tattoo (which was a reaper's head) that the artist free-handed onto my skin and then when we both agreed, he went to work on it and it came out just fantastic! If you have any ideas in mind, always try to communicate with your artist - you guys should be a team :)
  7. From one Brit to another, welcome to the Forum pal :)
  8. Van Gough's Starry Night is one of my favorite pieces, too... Welcome to the Forum :)
  9. If you're happy with working in digital and traditional art mediums, good for you buddy. If people like your stuff, then that's great - but there will always be room for improvement with every piece of art you do, and while tattooing is no different, it is a completely different ball-game. I suggest that you do your research on the industry, travel around to different studios and get tattooed by highly reputable artists (yeah, you will have to travel, but this is small price to pay for a beautiful piece of art that will be on your skin forever). Collect a few tattoos and talk to artists about
  10. @SeeSea - thanks dude, that means a lot. I was simply a naive person who knew no better - I now know for a fact you should never pay anyone to teach you, because you're just as expendable but you stand to lose a small fortune if anything goes wrong. I lost three and a half grand that I'll never see again, but it was a learning experience. In the words of Myke Chambers, one of my favorite artists and sort of a hero of mine: 'May I remain teachable until the day I die' :)
  11. I won’t even call my ‘training’ an ‘apprenticeship’ because I now know that’s not what it was. I got sucker-punched out of 3,500 pounds and then after about six or seven weeks I was let go, because there was no room in the shop for me – despite the fact the owner of the studio I ‘learned’ at had just signed the lease for a second studio a few miles away. The owner of the studio was unfortunately seriously injured in a brawl at his other business, a gym, where he was thrown over the railings of the fire escape about ten feet onto his head. He died from his injuries in hospital and due to some s
  12. Hello and greetings to everyone here at The Last Sparrow Tattoo Forum! Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Jay, and I live in England all the way over here in the UK. We have a pretty okay tattooing scene here but nowhere near as big as the USA. I guess that even though I did do an 'apprenticeship' - I say that with the Dr Evil 'Laser' gesture because that time is a horror story all of its own... but anyway, I don't class myself as a tattooist because I never managed to get a job in another shop after that (this was almost 3 maybe 4 years ago). So I guess now, I'm just a guy who's very r
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