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  1. That’s cool. Reminds me of this small filler I got earlier this year. The whole arm is by Franz Stefanik, previously of The Okey Doke, in Toronto, which is where this was done, but now working out of the Baby Bird in Hamilton, ON. Edit: image uploaded upside down, but works just as well
  2. Another reason is that many people don't value art in of itself. For them, art is merely a means to an end. A tool that if functioning properly, should bend to the whims of whatever purpose it's being employed for. Take film. When people who take cinema seriously - filmmakers, aficionados, academics, film students - discuss questions like greatness and legacy, the conversation essentially boils down to one question: to what extent does a given film utilize those elements of the medium of cinema that make it distinct from other artistic mediums? Or put simply, what movie ... is the best a
  3. Taking blood is exactly that: it's literally sucking the life force out of you. I can't look because the sight of my blood being siphoned into that beaker makes me noxious. No such issue watching a tattoo needle do its work.
  4. Kiku, Invisible Ink, New York City, NY Four sessions deep.
  5. Aaron Coleman, Immaculate Tattoo, Mesa, AZ One of those not-quite-their-own-piece-not-quite-part-of-a-bigger-piece deals. Banged out over two days. Cobra is from a couple years back.
  6. When holiday planning involves researching artists in each potential destination.
  7. First sesh with Kiku, at Invisible Ink, NYC. Going to add a snek and take it down to the ankle. That's why she's peering downwards: searching for her absent friend.
  8. Double tap, back-to-back, by Aaron Coleman, at Immaculate Tattoo in Mesa, AZ.
  9. By Franz Stefanik, of Okey Doke Tattoos in Toronto, ON.
  10. Opinions needed. Some time back the artist I go to for most of my work posted to his Instagram a piece he did that involved a particular image that I was immediately attracted to but, more importantly, the tattoo was placed in a way I'd not seen before. It was a tradition piece going from ankle to waist. At that moment, my brain said, "ooh! I want an ankle to hip piece just like that!" It was an eagle fighting a snake. But I can't shake the feeling that if I get the same concept with the same placement, I'd be somehow stealing. It's a strange notion, since american tradition
  11. Can anyone make some recommendations as to artists in Romania? The closer to Constanta the better, but anywhere within the country would do. Style is not a huge issue, although a more illustrative, black-and-white approach seems to be what my friend has in mind, but traditional or asian-influenced could work as well.
  12. Skull and dagger, by Franz Stefanik of the Okey Doke, Toronto. https://www.instagram.com/p/BCQzxvNHLWd/
  13. Love this. Such a clever design. - - - Updated - - - I really need to book an appointment with her. Her colour palette is so distinctive. Everything she does is so crisp.
  14. Rose banger courtesy of Franz Stefanik of The Okey Doke in Toronto
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