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  1. So I'm a novice, but here are my thoughts... I like lace designs, but they tend to have defined edges, which may not work where you want and may detract from the moths? And (personal opinion) lace looks best with only minimal use of colour. Lace might be a good approach for having both shoulders though, as moths and birds are going to look quite different. Other options to tie the two shoulders - a loose geometric pattern, something floral, or jewels/beads? Who are you going to for it, if you don't mind saying? Would you/they be happy to start with a few moths and build from there, deciding o
  2. @ThatGuy, your back piece is really amazing, I'm surprised you don't just walk around with your top off anyway ;)
  3. I've just had a forearm tattoo, but I don't see it as in-coverable. I would only put hands, neck and face in that category. Maybe it's different for women? I can always put a cardigan on to go for meetings. @Shaggy's post resonated - for me getting a more visible tattoo has partly been about realising that I don't need approval of others.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks again to those that gave me advice - two days work now done and I feel very sore, but happy. Found a bra that could go into a halterneck, which was perfect for my back today, and I have just tucked my vest strap into it.
  5. I have two appointments next week, both for black work. Flowers on my forearm with Rebecca Vincent at Circle London, and a shoulder/back piece with Nomi Chi, who is from Adorned in Vancouver but doing a short guest spot at AKA London. I only have small pieces of poor quality walk in flash to date, so looking forward to my first 'proper' tattoos.
  6. @SeeSea, thanks for sharing - that's all helpful info. I get chilly when sitting for some time, hadn't even thought of that. Off tomorrow to find a bra and a cosy new hoodie.
  7. @eldolmago, thanks - that's a genius idea about the vest under bra, I will try that out!
  8. Lots of helpful advice and good chat on this thread - so great to have it, thank you. I'm having tattoos done on consecutive days next week, it just worked out like that as one tattooer is on a week-long visit from Canada (I'm in the UK). It'll be the longest I've been away from my ten month old and I only marginally more excited about the tattoos than I am about the seven hours total train journey and carrying only a phone, wallet and keys :D I have questions, many questions, if anyone can help. One tattoo is going to be upper back/shoulder. Will I be asked to lie down, or sit up? I feel
  9. renarde

    hello there

    Yep, that was the one. Can't stand anyone, maybe especially other women, use such derogatory and sexist terms to describe women. Thank crap there were a few sensible folk and some who could reflect on it from a wider perspective. Someone even mentioned body policing :) I saw that there's a feminism and tattoos thread here so will go and have a read as I have a few conflicting thoughts that might have already been tackled there. You are in the best company! :D
  10. Thanks abees! Though maybe I misunderstood also... :)
  11. That's really stunning, and epic for a first tattoo! I hope your dad takes is well and is supportive. But so what if he's not? You've had the courage to go for a strong, large piece that is personally meaningful, and you've done that for yourself alone.
  12. renarde

    hello there

    Hello lovely! Thanks for suggesting I join. After spending some time this morning reading some awful comments about tattoos on women on another forum, and then a ridiculous article in the guardian, I needed to find refuge. We have been at a wedding so pimms was the order of the day, on the gin as soon as the baby is down! Wish I was enjoying one with you--have a great evening X
  13. renarde

    hello there

    Delighted to have found this place thanks to my friend, growltiger. I'm about to get my first large scale tattoo, a part back/shoulder/upper arm piece from a great woman called Delphine noiztoy in London (England). As yet to be designed, but hopefully incorporating some art noveau style and some geometric... Plus a small forearm piece (flowers) from Rebecca Vincent. I see merit and beauty in all styles, but personally am drawn to blackwork and dotwork. I'm looking forward to spending time here getting useful advice and lusting after everyone else's ink. So, hi!
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