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  1. Interesting that you mentioned the whale tail design. I've heard that same connection before, but it seems to be a topic of debate around these parts.
  2. A limited palette definitely adds a vintage feel (not that your artwork doesn't already have that). Thank you for the insight man! I'll definitely look into that Zeis book for information and inspiration. It's almost a year old, but here is a picture of my latest flash sheet to share!
  3. Awesome topic!! Many of the images we consider traditional are rooted in military tradition. Before the days of cyberspace and social media, having a military client base meant that your tattoos would be traveling the globe and reaching a much larger audience than if you just serviced a local clientele. Good examples would be artists such as Sailor Jerry and Ernie Sutton. As far as style goes, the old saying, "bold will hold," kind of sums up the qualities that give a tattoo that traditional look. Older tattooers had a limited palette also, so there are some colors that don't quite look right in a traditional tattoo. @briankelly puts out some awesome flash along those lines... perhaps he can add a thing or two to the discussion?
  4. We all have our influences, but where do you draw the line between being influenced by someone and straight-up ripping off other artists' work?
  5. Expand your horizons, brutha man... If it's that serious, why not travel to get it done?
  6. I went to one in Denver a few years ago... Couple competitions and stuff, and one here on Guam back in '07 (the only one we've ever had).. I'm sure I'll make it to more. There's one a couple of islands north of here in October. That's the next one. I recently started at a new shop, it's really improved my focus and stuff working in a new environment with new people.
  7. Maybe you should tattoo for plastic cups instead of money! Haha... Nah... My experience with that type of venue is that there is A LOT of creative energy there. Congratulations on your first convention man! Which one did you do??? Would you do another one?
  8. I think that artists are going to bitch about any form of regulation in the industry. I used to bitch about getting tested for syphillis every year to renew my health certificate! We had the same situation here... There was only one tattoo artist around when the rules were written. This guy wasn't able to capitalize like Paulo Fernando did with his ink, but he was able to jack up the price for starting a new shop. Can you blame him? Like it or not, there is a business side to things. He did however give good advice to the health department. I'm sure there was other reasoning behind the ink regulations in Brazil... It's probably just a matter of reaching out to manufacturers and them to foot the bill. Mario Barth seems to have this thing for world domination, so why not start there?? Brazil seems like a big enough market to be appealing to any manufacturer.
  9. The only ones I mess with are the guys who are there to buy supplies... I usually have them wait in the corner until _________ comes in. Some fictitious character, of course.
  10. As far as posting our worst... Hmmm... Ok, you first!
  11. Thanks for all the interesting feedback! I understand the whole thing about self-expression, but this place stresses customer service. The easy identification of staff helps the whole process in my opinion. A lot of questions never get asked because we don't know who to ask. I'm not a big name in tattooing by any means, so I'm sure the uniform benefits me. Of all the considerations I made when I started looking for a new job, dress code really wasn't high on the list.
  12. Check with the supplier and ask for an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).. A lot of suppliers have them right on their websites for downloading.
  13. I now work in a shop where the staff all wear uniforms... Not like a Taco Bell uniform or anything, but a shop t-shirt, black shorts and black shoes. Not bad really, but this is the first time, I've worked at a place with a uniform policy. Has anyone ever been to a place like this? Whether or not you have, what are your thoughts on uniforms in a studio environment?
  14. I got a tattoo from this kid named Bahn (sp?) at St. Martin's Tattoo on Khao Sahn Road in BKK. Magical, magical place.. It's a skeleton key and the perfect souvenir to remember the trip by.
  15. ibradley

    My precious.

    I've been wanting a rabbit for quite some time now! I want one with an A-bar and springs though...
  16. I think what makes the visual impact is contrast... Whether it be negative space or super brights right up against black. There's more than one way to do it, right? Whether you go for a simple but powerful look, or a complex piece that you notice something new every time you look at it, you can't say that it's wrong... It's just different.
  17. Good idea, man... The rest of us better start having some good times and crazy adventures!!
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    gent pig web

    Killer man!! A gentleman pig, or a pig gentleman?
  19. Some acrylic action on canvas.. No particular reason, but very happy with the way it turned out.
  20. ibradley

    Some flowers!

    This lovely young lady came down for a much-needed vacation and ended up with a sweet "flowers or something" tattoo on her foot... Critiques welcome!!!
  21. ibradley

    foot flowers

    foot flowers
  22. Probably super far from most of you, but if you're in the area, it is definitely worth checking out! EL DRAKO TATTOO - www.eldrakotattoo.com - Last weekend in October.
  23. It helps sell tattoos to the casual collector... Kind of like having a big "NOT PERMANENT!" sign on the wall. Obviously you're looking at this from a business perspective. Laser removal is a booming business, but permanence is one of the aspect that draws me to the art. How would you feel if a client burned one of your tattoos out of his/her skin?