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    Hi Im Nathan and Im from Essex in the UK, I'm 21 and currently have 7 tattoos, 2 chest-pieces, a back-piece and 4 arm designs. I work as a mechanic and drive a motorbike, I love motorbikes and have dedicated one of my tattoos to my first motorbike. When I'm not at work I spend my time designing tattoos and have sold sets to studios, so any questions regarding design are welcome. apart from that I don't really know what else to say.
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    Essex UK
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    Motorcycles, Tattoo designing, keeping fit, Army Cadet Force
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    Multi-vehicle Mechanic
  1. Blackspike


    hey and welcome to the site, sounds a bit weird coming from a newbie, but hey im a nice person, lol, so what type of tattoos are you interested in.
  2. If you don't mind me weighing in on the matter i think if you want the three percenter with your existing tat, I'd personally go for it in a light blue/ shaded cyan and accentuate the snake with some colouring and shading, then move up the arm and at the top have your tattered flag so that it covers your shoulder and drapes onto your arm, i like the design so far and i think that with the emblem, it would probably look best around the ditch/ outside of the elbow and then background it with your further ideas. That IMO would probably work best.
  3. Blackspike

    Hey from the UK

    I got all my tattoos bar two from TJ Southside in Rainham, Essex and the other two from a good friend.
  4. Blackspike

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    This is my latest design, done for a friend who just lost her grandad, its an angel and a devil on a floral yin yang base. - - - Updated - - - And this is where I've got to on my first sleeve design, its going to be a gambling 3/4 sleeve that merges into a floral commemorative design for my grandad, who passed away last year. the blank part you can see at the top of the design is the outline of an existing design which is being worked into the sleeve.
  5. Blackspike

    Hey from the UK

    Hi everyone, my name is Nathan and Im from Essex in the United Kingdom. So far I have seven tattoos and am currently designing my first full sleeve tattoo. I love tattoos and find myself spending most days designing or thinking of tattoo designs. Im 21 and got my first tat at 16 (I know, technically illegal, but hey). I work as a mechanic and drive a motorbike. Any questions are more than welcome. I do have one main question, which is kinda the reason why i joined the site and that is; Im stuck on how to merge a gambling 3/4 sleeve into a floral commemorative design for my grandad and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Once again thanks for any and all help. Nathan