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    girl skull
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    Brilliant! Love that!
  4. Interesting thread! Just gonna post what I figured workes best for me.. In europe flying with cheap airlines we're very restricted on luggage waight so most airlines wouldn't tolerate more than 20 kg check-in luggage and 10kg hand luggage or you have to pay rediculus money for every kilo more than that.. So I got for my machines (which I always bring as carry on) a very light and handy padded pellet gun case.. And the rest goes in light Tupperware between my cloth and stuff in the normal suitcase.. Colours of course in individual little sandwich bags before I put them in the right sized Tupperware cause there is usually always one that pops.. Would definitely appreciate any new tricks with bringing the oul inks...
  5. Totally agree! Never got any tattoo removed or even covered, even though i got quite a lot of shitty ones over the years.. But they all make you who you are and show times you went through and make me even lough about some notions I had at times! And one cool thing about tattoos is the commitment it takes! I would even say I don't find people that got loads of shit lasered off or covered very trust worthy! They show already on there skin a bit of flalseness! Exept the gang ones, political shit or ex names of course... But if I see guys full of cover ups or in the middle of laser treatments I'm always suspicious of them.. They might just got all there nazi stuff covered or so.. Ha ha
  6. Thanks man! Glad you like my stuff!

  7. Those are some killer painting/tattoo galleries you have posted! Really, really fantastic work. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ulrich Hueber


    Thanks man! I agree though.. Fuck the religious part about it!
  9. Love the picture ones! Knuckle tattoos are a big commitment and I still havent decided.. Cause I wanted to come up with something original.. But I'm very glad I didn't do any of the ideas I had so far after all! I think I will stick to little pictures cause they say way more than any words could do!
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    elephant lady

    awsome work! all of them...
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    thats cool man!
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