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  1. @Rikhall those daggers looked like it's really digging in there. actually made me stare at it for a while. lol
  2. Thanks, i'm super amped. Hoyer got me into this dude and now I'm hooked at everything he does.
  3. I got tattooed three times in California while on vacation. Still had a blast on vacation. If you can hack it, why not?
  4. As a plain skin, I always wondered why all the shops burn incense. As someone who is tattooed often, I still don't know if there is a true meaning behind it. (this is where I get jokes thrown at me now) lol
  5. Just got a spiderweb from Garver. Always a great experience, quick as hell and conversation is always cool. Spoke about finishing my sleeve. So damn excited. (Sorry about large crappy pic)
  6. that is pretty sweet @Forty6and2 Who did the work?
  7. Richard Smith at Three Kings.... Fairly easy to get an appointment, very good artist. About 2 years ago he was still very fair on pricing too.
  8. I'll repeat my old story that wasn't posted on this thread..... In May 2014, I got my first tattoo. Though I've been into art for years, tattoos have been something I've been into since my teens. I was always hesitant because I didn't want to live with that "regretful" tattoo mixed with not being able to afford a good artist. I began my diet at 360 pounds, I kept saying to myself I'm going to get a tattoo when I lost 25 pounds. I got past 25 pounds then bumped it up to 50 pounds. Past that mark then 100 pounds. Past that and finally said when I lost 125 pounds I'm going to get a tattoo. FINALLY I got up to 128 pounds lost. I decided that's it I'm doing it. Being a fan of Luke Wessman's artwork and life story since about July of 2013. I needed him to do my first tattoo. Went to Wooster Street Social Club the day the doctor confirmed my weight loss. He took me as a walk-in. Having his talent, great back story and awesome conversation only fueled the fire of getting more tattoos. After having another 3 sessions with Luke, I went nuts and began getting tattooed by a few others: Timothy Hoyer, Mark Mahoney, Chris Garver (3x), Deno, Steve Wimmer and Rich Pineda. First Tattoo (sorry for big pic)
  9. Planning a trip to Chicago in April. Aside from Great Lakes, anyone have any suggestion on shops?
  10. As much as I enjoy tattoos, I honestly admit to watching this show religiously. I am happy to see artists I am familiar with on here this season too. now you can start making fun of me.
  11. FINALLY, I can strike a name from The List. Mark Mahoney did this rose when he came to Jersey. Yes, shitty cell phone pic. You know what's up.
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