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  1. shellehbean

    Hey. How's it going?

    Hi Michele my names Michelle as well but yeah two l's. I love cats but you'd have to be crazy if you didn't. I looked at your work right away when i saw you had experience in the field and you have very nice work. When i look at work on people im really critical (not like i could do better "yet" yes i know) but i must say id like to watch you progress because youre really skilled right now i cant imagine you with double digits experience.
  2. shellehbean

    Introduce myself...

    Hi I'm Shelly I love everything ink. I'm 18 and want to get into tattooing because i love to draw, i love the beauty that can be created on someones skin its amazing. I have 4 tattoos (I cont as 3) right now, two diamonds under my collar bones,a dream catcher on my thigh, an autobot symbol behind my ear, and my personal favorite, a squid on my foot. I drew up the diamonds (simple but its okay), the dream catcher and the squid. My artists did an amazing job of making my drawings into great ink works. I cant wait until I can do that with my drawings and others. I have a crap load of ideas i want to become a reality. I'm looking for to learn from others experiences, get ideas and advice while growing my skills.