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  1. apologies if this has been covered in another thread, I couldn't find any- I'd like to become a shop assistant at one of two shops I go to in NYC. Shop owners or those in the know: do you have any tips for me that could help in that pursuit? I do know that an ideal candidate does not want to become a tattooer (I don't.) Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. hey everyone, thanks for paying attention to my request- i meant scales like Libra scales. Here's what Bert did! @Cork kinda hard to get a really good pic since it wraps a bit, but i'm stoked on it
  3. Hey I think I'll be getting a tattoo of some scales tomorrow from bert krak. Anyone have any scale tattoos, or some reference material that could be cool?
  4. thanks : ) yeah i love the dog tattoo now, i'd feel weird without it. the solution was definitely to just get more tattoos haha
  5. my bad. does anyone know how to delete a thread?
  6. hey everyone. just wanted to share this new tattoo I got from Steve Boltz at Smith Street Tattoo in Brooklyn about 2 weeks ago: sorry for the crappy pic.
  7. I'm gonna hit up smith street on Thursday and get something off the wall! will post.
  8. I got a little tiny one on my ribs early on. It was excruciating. I've gotten a bunch of tattoos since, and none came even close. With the rib tattoo, there was never a point at which it was even slightly enjoyable pain.
  9. My first semester at college in Ohio I got homesick for NJ. So I got my area code tattooed in my lip. Kinda dumb but luckily it's in my mouth so I forget it's even there
  10. when i started, i had a theme going in that i wanted all of my tattoos to be vaguely family-related. but then when i ran out of ideas i just started slapping them on there : ) I agree with ChaosDani that:
  11. my girlfriend has no tattoos and doesn't plan to get any but thinks mine are sexy. hasn't been a big deal for us
  12. my next tattoo is going to be a rose / snake situation, from steve boltz
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