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  1. Hart of the Storm by Amy Kinsell @ Modern Body Art UK using rotary. Healed beautifully.
  2. so here is my contribution to this old thread. Done by Amy Kinsell from Modern Body Art UK. Done at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy convention, the theme was Star Wars (at the con) so naturally I had to go with the same theme for my tattoo... :)
  3. I know exactly what you mean and don't worry I never go in with that expectation! :) I have only approached for artists to check out my work and to offer advice etc... I have done painting with a friend who is an artist and have others who have offered some time to look over my portfolio. Not silly expectations but thanks for the advice about asking about drawing with them in the evenings, appreciate it :)
  4. I think you make a very good point. I enjoyed the article, and think it has a lot to offer, to seperate the serious from the "rockstar" wannabes, but then I do understand it can deter people from going out there and trying to be taken seriously as well. My biggest hestitation in approaching studios with my work is knowing how often they have people come in with a small half arsed sketch of a skull and expect to be taken seriously. They give you a look before I even get past "I have a portfolio" that makes me feel embarrassed! :) But I do get a lot of great feedback as yet nobody has felt ready
  5. No experience of Miami myself but went to the US for the Orlando experience a few months back and paid a visit to Tampa (just under 1 hours drive). RedLetter1 is an awesome studio, and my boyfriend had his panther done by David Bruehl. Really lovely bloke! Check him out... DAVID BRUEHL - - - Updated - - - Oh and awesome things I have been doing.... I painted my Rosy Maple Moth illustration on the weekend and did a fuck load of crossword puzzles. Rock and Roll
  6. Thank you for sending this my way! I have been reading through from the beginning and I feel like such an arrogant tool after reading it... With trying to get into the industry for sometime I thought I knew my shit. That I knew the best ways to approach for an apprenticeship, get peoples attention etc... but after spending the last hour pouring over that thread and finding other threads like it I am discovering so much I didn't know or had not even contemplated. I am realising more and more how important it is for me to work on the relationships I have already within the industry. And not t
  7. Thank you, I am really grateful I was sent the link to this post. I have been trying to find my way into the industry and what I am seeing more and more, is that you need to be close to someone who is willing to bring you in, and not be some stranger without any realtionship to the studio at all. I have made this mistake, by getting in touch with studios and not getting anything back. I have been left wondering why, as they liked my work? But again, it is to do with knowing that they can trust your commitment. Having your family grow up around it, you know what you need for your business t
  8. I read this earlier today and loved it! It highlights the reality to wannabe apprentices compared to the Kat Von D ideal of living like a rockstar. Can't see that it has been shared already... hope this isn't a duplicate thread! I am looking to gain an apprenticeship at present, and I know how difficult it is to get someone interested in my work! It isn't easy but would be worth it! If you are thinking about getting into the industry, give this a read and a lot of thought! Those of you already experienced and in the industry, it would be awesome if you'd like to add your thoughts along thi
  9. Hey Dude welcome! I have a piece on my back from 3 years ago that was left to add more too as we went. At the time I was unsure of how to progress, and then my tattoo artist moved 3 hours drive away. But I am still in touch with him, and he touched up the original recently to make sure it was looking good ready to be added to. I plan on having him and his sister do a collaboration on it to complete in the next year (she is his apprentice but is pretty amazing!). So you are not the only one who might have something spread out. I can only afford to do it bit by bit, and prefer to have longer s
  10. Loved this thread! I cannot wait to add to this thread in 3 weeks time! I am getting a Storm Trooper on my leg... and later in the year, The Doctor may also be making an appearance :D
  11. They never really translate well over electronic communication, especially sarcasm! Doesn't help I am incredibly dense too...
  12. this is why I used etc... as I could have mentioned watercolour, dotwork and so many others there are these days! Didn't want to say too many to confuse the poor guy :)
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