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  1. thanks you guys, will check em out after work. - - - Updated - - - ya i realize that some work faster than others.. it's just hard to guesstimate a full price because unfortunately i do have a budget.. and i would like to prefer not having a half finished large piece lol. ya it seems everyone here is set on "save up or dont get it" mentality.. but i see nothing wrong with trying to find an artist that i like that i can actually afford. i'd love to get pieces from all my favorite artists, but i simply can't afford it unfortunately.. /shrug
  2. ah ya forgot to mention him. he was actually my first choice, but again his rates are just too crazy for me. (trying to find $200..$250 max..) ty for the suggestions, appreciate it very much seems like the style i like is very hard to find and very expensive....fml
  3. yes this is more of the style i was looking for, tyvm. maybe i got the terminology wrong.. but the suggestions DJDeepFried gave are more traditional looking to me? - - - Updated - - - geezus i dont know if people are exageratting but he has a 4 yr wait list
  4. Thanks for the recommendations, gonna check em out now! Would love to hear others.. the more options the better
  5. Hey guys, I've been trying to find a black and grey artist that does modern/neo Japanese work, and it's been pretty hard finding that. Alot of Japanese tattoo artists are too traditional for my tastes, have a portfolio full of color (doesn't make sense to get a black and grey artist with a full color portfolio?), or simply live in another country. I'm from southern cali (Los Angeles area) and willing to travel, but not too far. Some artists I found that I wish I could get work from but can't due to distance or financial reasons: The guys at Chronik Ink (crazy wait lists and can't afford)
  6. finally talked to my artist.. got off on a good note and picked his brain and he kept it real with me which i appreciate.. and i don't want to name who he is but he quoted me on a price that's literally the price of a good, brand new car. i think i might have to go with someone else.. it's just not reasonable for me. thanks again for everyone's responses and help
  7. hmm... ya i guess u got a point.....well fuck..
  8. hm you do have a point.. what do you make of that though? not sure what to think of that.. i see where you're coming from.. but everyone starts new no? at the end of the day he was willing to work with my idea.. i came here to learn and have learned quite a bit including etiquette among other things and now i'd approach things differently.. hence now with a new idea and more room to work anything he wants.. i'm pretty much giving him what i want in the tattoo and letting him have free range of what he wants to do lol what? look i know i'm new here and i know how it is to "plain-skin
  9. i actually met the guy in person.. and well.. i wanted 2 foo dogs on my shoulder blades.. and he was very adamant that i need to rethink my placement because there's no room to expand.. kept saying you can't put water underneath it or anything... and he kept suggesting all my other body parts.. chest.. thighs.. ribs.. anything lol.. but i was pretty stuck with the image i have in mind even though he had good points.. and i think the fact that i'm clean of tattoos made him talk to me differently and i honestly dont know if i was feeling his vibe.. he was really cool on the phone but in person
  10. i actually have no interest in getting a tattoo except on my back side.. it was either going to be something on my shoulder blades that wouldn't extend into a full back piece well at all.. or a full back piece unfortunately.. so i guess go big or go home type of thing for me lol.. but i hear you though, just unfortunately not an option for me thank you for that advice... i like the part where to not act like they're doing a favor by tattooing me.. not gonna name names but someone i talked to seemed to be stuckup for lack of better word and turned me off to working with him though he had gre
  11. want to thank everyone for their replies.. even though every does have their own opinion.. me being naive to the whole thing and hearing people's experiences is really putting things into perspectives well.. i think i like the idea of getting the outline done first and then going for small sessions of shading little by little instead of going for big chunks at a time.. will keep everyone posted after i talk to my artist!
  12. that's great advice and will definitely keep everything you said in mind - - - Updated - - - thanks for sharing your experience.. see what you seem to be doing is the norm.. having a session a month.. that's why i started the whole topic because the route i'd like to take just seems so rare.. going to shoot my artist a call/email and see what he thinks. thanks again appreciate it
  13. ya i was thinking bout it.. just not sure if it would flow properly.. i'm going to bring it up with my artist and see what he thinks - - - Updated - - - that's great to hear! as i suspected.. some touch up has to be done... i guess it should be safe to assume that i'd have to get it touched up every time too. thanks so much for sharing
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