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    Hi my name is Ryan, I'm currently a Tattoo Apprentice in my local Tattoo Studio gaining as much experience as I can, my favourite tattoo styles are Traditional, black and grey, Japanese and some new traditional and realism
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    Dublin, Ireland
  1. I have to say I really dislike this show, I just think it feels fake and I think it gives an unrealistic perception of tattooing, what do you guys think??
  2. I don't really think either one is a bad idea, but going to different artist and get different traditional pieces looks pretty cool and I think it adds a good sense of character, it's also cool to talk to other artists and hear their different perspectives about tattooing and anything really haha But yeah, as long as you take recommendation from the guys and girls on this forum about which tattooers to go to, you'll always end up with an awesome tattoo :D
  3. I'm not sure if he was mentioned but Dan Hague who works in Modern Classic Tattoo and La Familia in Newquay I think, his work is brilliant and he's only like 22 I think, I met him at BTC 2015 and he is a great guy
  4. I can't stand hearing 'Trad' 'Neo-Trad' 'Jap' or 'Trad-Jap' (I've heard this more than once) I also can't help but cringe when I hear 'I recently got inked' or 'Nice ink' That shit just irritates the shit out of me!
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    Damn!! I can't get the hang of photo sharing on here haha I posted it in my gallery if you guys wanna check it out there?
  6. RyanGarry


    I don't have any work by him yet, but my mate has a rose on his neck and a tiger on his hand by Andrea and they're absolutely amazing and healed perfect! What did you get from him in the end? - - - Updated - - - Sorry for the delay guys, here it is fresh!
  7. A girl head I got from Valerie Vargas at the 2015 Brighton Tattoo Convention! It's still turning heads everywhere I go
  8. RyanGarry


    Hi everyone, My name is Ryan, I'm a 19 year old tattoo apprentice from Dublin Ireland. My favourite styles of tattooing at the minute are American Traditional and Neo-Traditional My favourite tattooers are Valerie Vargas, Andrea Giulimondi, Xam, Dani Quiepo, Stewart Robson, Jean LeRoux, Todd Noble and Steve Byrne The first (and only) Tattoo Con I've been too was Brighton Tattoo Convention 2015 where I was tattooed by Valerie Vargas :D Anyways, right now I'm doing a lot of drawing and painting and I'm currently looking to build my book and flash collection so if anyone is looking to trade
  9. Thank you, yeah I got tattooed for the first time 2 weeks ago and I started using ink and trying to learn how to blend and colour properly, thank you
  10. Sorry but I wasn't looking for tips on 'breaking into the business' I was just asking for tips to improve my artistic ability
  11. Hi, my name is Ryan, I'm 18 years old and from Dublin Ireland. I am currently looking for a tattoo apprenticeship and I am doing some apprenticeship like work experience in a tattoo studio called Tallaght Ink :) my favourite styles are Traditional, neo-traditional and some black and grey. I am currently trying to build a good portfolio so if anybody has any tips, send them along and it would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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