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  1. I grew up in Chi from age 1 ( 1950) I lived at 52/Loomis, 63/Ashland,95/Cicero. I joined the USN in 1967 and the

    South State Vice District was still around. I worked at Montogomery Wards ( Old Fair Store). I knew Tatts Thomas.

    My buddies hung out on South State and Jewtown. We were South Side Greasers. We went to the Rialto and Follies

    Burlesque. We were served draft beer at Berghoffs around the corner from age 14 no problem. My buddy from Blue Island got a tattoo of a black panther at Tatts. As an afterthought he had Tatts put a gigantic set of balls on him. I

    am a Levee Historian. You can read about me at My Al Capone Museum. My buddy Mario Gomes ( Capone expert) runs the site. South State was part of Whiskey Row up until 1900s. Custom House Place was close by. contact me by Email. Bryan