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    uncle allan
  2. If it's up anyone else's alley, Woodchuck has put out a seasonal pumpkin cider which is awesome if you like the pumpkin beer-ness but can't have the normal stuff.
  3. So I just moved to Berlin. It feels like I'm crazy but actually I'm here for an artist residency for the next two months. Now I have to go out and work on my German and try to meet people or something. And I'm itching to work getting tattooed in there sometime as well. I just really had to share that!!!!!!
  4. Douche chills is gold. It also perfectly describes the disgusted face/shake I do when I can't deal with someone. I think it's okay this super douche doesn't like tattooed women because I'm damn sure I could speak for any tattooed woman and say we don't like him either. This was a hilarious morning read for me.
  5. Before everyone had to go through the giant scanners, I was always "randomly selected" to go through instead of the metal detector. I have no idea what that means, but I definitely noticed it happening. Other than my tattoos though I'm probably the least scary person ever, so I can't imagine what anyone would assume in any random selection. I'm in Berlin now, but it's way too cold for me to be wearing anything showing my tattoos. We'll see what happens when it warms up.
  6. Oh I am sort of jealous of you fitness dedicated folks. The holidays totally sucked that away from me and into piles of homemade cookies that are still circulating through my house. I'm not even sure how that's possible. Too many... That being said, I did just get back from traveling in Israel. Woo! That's the view of the Dead Sea, looking towards Jordan from the top of Masada.
  7. Yay to seeing this yoga support! I've practiced on and off for about 7 years now, and my sister is actually a teacher. My personal favorites are ashtanga and yin, which are basically complete opposites, but both very much about technique, correct breathing etc. I don't need to get fancy, or maybe that is fancy...I don't know. I'm a fan, that's all.
  8. I am really liking seeing other people's faces! Definitely a lot of beards. I'm here to contribute another lady face. And actually I'm real excited cause I just cut all my hair off again last Monday. Hello.
  9. I'm familiar with the same information about being buried and Holocaust situations (which is also funny cause many of my family members have been cremated when they passed and I think that's not supposed to happen.) I do know a few tattooed Jewish folk, as well as tattooed Israelis, but I haven't come across the number tattoos happening. That actually does scare me quite a bit although I understand what they're trying to say with that. My understanding, and people forgive me if I am totally wrong about this but it's what I've heard in discussion, is that there's something in the Old Testament
  10. I like seeing what everyone else has. I feel like there is an assumption of using really obvious symbolism, but that really doesn't seem to be the case. Anyways, here are my sister tats. A little anvil guy with a long time friend. I know I've posted this before. Matching anvils with my lady metalsmiths.
  11. For the first time in a long time, today I heard "Why would you do that to yourself? What will you do when you're my age?" I had almost forgotten that was something people said.
  12. My parents live in a pretty generically conservative town so I get some funny things when I brave the great outdoors of town. Often a lot of women in their late teens to late twenties give a "Wow I never would have thought...those are so pretty." While it's unfortunate that anyone is surprised that a tattoo could be nice looking, it's also kind of a compliment. My least/most favorite is "I don't normally like tattoos on women but yours....". I always try to be nice about it but this is usually followed up by a pretty weak pass. Yes there are women with tattoos that you may find attractive! I
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