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  1. I'd say Sword/Banner, Eagles, or Scorpions... Heh. Kidding. :rolleyes:
  2. It's a cool piece... But compared to (again Carlos Torres)
  3. Look on the bright side- do you know how famous The Elephant Man is? But seriously. Dude this is horrible, you can get legions on your eyes and become blind, your bones can warp and break and never mend themselves, limbs grow misshapen and alien, it can even mutate into cancer. I've never even heard of something so awful. Have any symptoms arisen yet? If so, what are they? That really really sucks man- but now is the time to do everything you've always wanted. Live an adventure. Travel with only a backpack to foreign countries and live the life of a vagabond seeing the world and meet
  4. Veronica- anyone can trace an Eagle stencil. Mick has no point except that he really really loves Eagles. I think you should get on instagram, pinterest, or any other social media site so that you're not searching for a picture per say, but search through some artists- with keeping in mind of what you want- and find one that has a style that you really dig. If you need to travel- then do it. It will be worth it. Create a line of communication with him/her and conglomerate on the perfect piece for you. If you find the right artist, it doesn't matter what you get because you'll love it.
  5. Really? Schooled? It has culture and history. It is eye catching and colorful. Ed Hardy is a tattoo god. I'm sorry but you speak of not "traditional" tattoo- but mainstream tattoo. It's so played out it's not even ironic anymore. Everytime I see one that person thinks it's so vintage and cool, but it's always on the tools. If you are looking to be like "Yeah! I want to fit in with the cool kids because this signifies like- the history and culture behind tattoo art and it's so deep. If you don't like it then you're ignorant and wrong." Then by all means... Go for it. You're right t
  6. I get it. I'm trying to see the appeal- but I can't. Just because people I respect have them, or like them, doesn't mean I will. Just for example take a look at some of Carlos Torres' work, and tell me it doesn't take an incredible amount of more talent to produce. It demands respect. It's night and day. From coloring book to Sistine Chapel. - - - Updated - - - How did I not realize that this was a traditional tattoo forum ? So everyone... You all... Everyone? Please- jump down my throat, community. Tell me, convince me, I beg of you, why tigers and hearts and color-exploding s
  7. Hi there! I'd like to tell you about this fella named Joseph Smith....
  8. I dislike "traditional" in the sailor/western sense. How is it that I contradict myself? Thanks for speaking for all of LST, by the way.
  9. So I'm stupid and ignorant because I dislike a certain style? That's not insulting. I don't remember saying anywhere that the folks walking around with traditional western tattoos are all artistically retarded. ..Just lack the finer tastes of art. Haha- but all joking aside, don't get butthurt about me keeping a thread alive that you decided should be closed. Black and grey all the way. Although ignorant because I don't like super-bright colors, realism and fine-art tattoos tickle that sweet spot for me.
  10. Most of time if I think someone will regret a tattoo later in life (or immediately) I'll give them a "You don't want this dude.. Seriously" If they persist- well that's on them. The only tattoo that I flat out said NO to, was some jackass getting in touch with me to ink Useless Junk on his balls... In Old English DO YOU HONESTLY THINK I'M GOING TO DO THAT?????? He honestly thought I would.
  11. I don't know why I haven't registered and contributed before now. Mostly because my main source of internet connection was my iPhone. With the MacBook Air, comes great response-ability. (Hurr hur) 23, from South Carolina, just a lowly artist-come-scratcher here. Did several years in the pen learning, and thought I was hot shit. Got real gear and ent up having to learn it all over again. This site has not only helped my technique and general knowledge- but really made me see I need formal guidance. If you have the skills, why not be a professional? This is my mission in life. Although
  12. I was wondering the same thing, and had the OP not thanked Greame for redirecting him, I would have thought it were about long lasting trends. I briefly looked thru the given thread and saw most people are referring to line clarity, shade blending, and recognizability. So instead of letting a thread die..... I think the Japanese style, although not my favorite, has lasted ages and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I have seen some incredible work in this style. One super popular and played out style is the "traditional" e.g. sailor tattoos, black cats, roses, owls, and knives piercing
  13. I think Rhianna has/had a cool theme going with the Egyptian style. Like hieroglyphics on her skin.. What the fuck she was thinking when she did her hand, I don't know. I have seen some really cool tattoos done with the needle stick/hammer (that has to be the official name...) methdod, but her hand just looks like something she doodled when she was bored and immediately ran to a shop to get it permanently inked into her skin. Incredible. Takes me months to finally decide on how to use my real-estate. Oh.. and
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