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    Steele got a reaction from Gloomy Inks in Post shitty things you have been doing recently   
    Look on the bright side- do you know how famous The Elephant Man is?
    But seriously.
    Dude this is horrible, you can get legions on your eyes and become blind, your bones can warp and break and never mend themselves, limbs grow misshapen and alien, it can even mutate into cancer. I've never even heard of something so awful. Have any symptoms arisen yet? If so, what are they? That really really sucks man- but now is the time to do everything you've always wanted. Live an adventure. Travel with only a backpack to foreign countries and live the life of a vagabond seeing the world and meeting people. I'm not saying you better fulfill your bucket list- but you have got to Live man.
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    Steele reacted to idyllsend in Long Lasting Styles   
    No. There's no point. I think most here respect your right to like what you like. We don't need to convince you to like what we like.
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    Steele reacted to Mick Weder in Long Lasting Styles   
    It's this blatant upstart attitude that earns you no respect, although please...don't beg, a dog does that when it loses all self respect.
    I see what we have here though, another art collector rather than an enthusiast.
    At one point, I might have been interested in the type of tattoos you have...the experiences you've had in street front shops...the understanding you have gained from this old time traditional culture...the networks you have established, the people who make this culture such a tight knit community based on respect, but I'm kinda guessing now you haven't. I have this feeling you have gained zero insight into how a traditional tattoo goes far deeper for some than just a picture, it's significant nature far beyond the lines you perceive as imperfection...mmm, but I'm not
    See, we don't need to convince you of fuck all. You haven't earned it. You bumbled your own way into this, all on your own. Well done.
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    Steele reacted to The Hyena in For TATTOOERS ONLY - most hated tattoo requests?   
    I haven't been tattooing very long, so I feel awkward replying to shit like this. But here goes.
    I like the act of tattooing. I love watching pigment go in the skin, seeing the line as it's being pulled across the stencil. I love it. So when I get requests for annoying shit, or things I'm sick of,(and denying that you ever get sick of shit is fucking retarded. We're humans. We get sick of shit. Period.), I try to just get past it in my head and think about the application. Not that I'm applying a tattoo that I hate, but that I'm applying a tattoo at all. And get right back into that mindset of enjoying the work aspect of it.
    Without trying to sound like a wagon jumper, I too like tribal. I love watchign the black just go in solid as fuck. I know this dude is just some dude looking to look just like his boys, but in my head I'm thinking, "man, this shit is going to make your buddies tribal look like shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!". I just try to get in that zone as much as I can.
    The clients though....
    None of us can control the chaos that is our client base. That is the unknown quantity part of the job. Lots of shitheads, and lots of people who don't actullay want tattoos. They just want their very own "me too, guys! I did it too! See!" story. They spend hours trying to find the least tattoo-ish, most benign design possible and stick it somewhere no one will ever see it, because to them it's just proof that they did it too when the stories start flying.
    I try very hard to pick my battles, read clients and choose which ones would be receptive to some swaying. Not into something completely different to stroke my ego, but into a better planned out version of what they want. Just gotta pick the battles.
    Can't do it with everyone or you burn out, and you can't responsibly be the guy who says "fuck it, I know this will look, age and heal like crap, but i'll take your cash." All the time banging rainbows up their ass telling them how good of an idea it is to keep them and their dumb friends coming back for more.
    Regardless of how it will effect responsible tattooers who try to do a good, well thought out tattoo for the benefit of their clients. Just gotta do what I can to sleep at night, like trying to explain to people that upside down is upside down. I try. If they get it, awesome. If not, I'll at least try to do it clean.
    Sorry for the ramble. I just felt it on this one. I felt that I need to make an ass of myself on the internet. Word.
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    Steele reacted to Sean Sinha in So. Bad. So Many.   
    I really want a Nickelback tattoo, but this thread, it's made me rethink everything.
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