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  1. Friday, June 8th - Sunday June 10th. 2012 Ink N Iron Tattoo Convention in Long Beach, Ca Is anyone else going, getting tattooed or tattooing this year?
  2. I tried searching and didn't find anything on this subject. Does anyone else have tattoos about what they do for a living? I've seen lots of guys with tattoos of their trade and/or union at work and I've seen tattoo artists with tattoo machines on them. I got this after finishing my 5 year apprenticeship and becoming a journeyman (without missing a single night of class). This picture was taken probably the day after it was done about 2 years ago. I tried taking a new one but getting a decent picture of the back fo your calf is harder than I thought haha. Tattoo done by Ernie Ortiz who is now
  3. Some lady was wanting to get a "pinup girl" tattoo & she found a picture of my ol lady from her modeling page she wanted to use. So she sends my girl a picture of the tattoo she got but didnt end up finishing because it was hurting too much or something like that. Trying to be nice and friendly she said "Thanks" and how it was sweet of her to like one of her pictures enough to get it tattooed on her, but wow. What could you really say when someone shows you this, while being nice and polite?
  4. I'm pretty terrible at that game. A lot of stick figures and even those are bad haha
  5. I didn't think about stocking up on chew when I went to Ireland for 2 weeks and one can when I got on the plane. It was pretty miserable. Costco stopped selling tobacco so no more Copenhagen for under $4 a can after tax.
  6. I was always fond of Kessler and Jim Beam.
  7. I still don't fully understand what a hipster is. By the looks of these pictures I'd like to keep it that way ha
  8. You got a contact number for this guy? I'm trying to save money I might hit him up.
  9. IanBurkhart


    My name is Ian. I'm 24 and in Richmond CA (East Bay Area). I'm a union journeyman plumber and have been getting tattooed for 6 years now.
  10. Thats awesome but I would worry about how they're look over time, especially if you work with your hands for a living.
  11. I was 17 and all my friends are older so my buddy took me to his friends house who was doing tattoos out of his garage on the side. He worked at a shop and has a good reputation, everything was sterile and safe. Got my last name in Old English style lettering across my stomach. It tok a little under 4 hours and was pretty painful from what I remember but it was a good experience.
  12. I'm not artisticly inclined at all. So I try to just give the artist an idea of what I want and if there is any small details I want, I'll tell them ahead of time and the outcome is normally better than anything I pictured in my head.
  13. My left ribs weren't too bad I had 5-6 hours on them but when I got my right side done just the 45 minute-1 hour outline was brutal. It was the same artist also. I got my back done by Karl Fisher in Oakland and when he got on the sides of my back behind my ribs that was pretty bad also. The chest wasn't too bad, certain spots hurt pretty bad. Center of my chest felt really weird and sometimes it was like the pain was happening where he wasn't even tattooing.
  14. I have an eagle across my chest with a banner underneath that has the title of a Merle Haggard song in it: "Fightin' side of me" I also have a cholo style skeleton in progress of my leg inspired by Suicidal Tendencies, getting it finished on Saturday. Always wanted a Motorhead tattoo but could never decide what/where.
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