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  1. aaah Thanks for the heads up

  2. dont come up mon the 1st. i am closed. sun the 7th is the party.... we thought mon the 1st would be a poor turnout. and the sunday previous was easter...so we went with sun the 7th. not exactly april fools day, but close enough for us i guess

  3. yep I will def be up monday the 1st

  4. Greetings Mr. Forbus! I have been a big fan of your art for a few years and I hope to get up to Staunton for a tattoo soon! I was going to come up with EVB a couple weeks ago but we got our travel schedules crossed

  5. jayessebee

    img 1062

    I LOVE this tattoo!
  6. Cool man give me a txt or something - 540-354-1168

  7. i'll be in your neck of the woods friday night. going to a show at the water heater. i'm trying to quell Q and Mercer to come out of the woodwork.

  8. jayessebee

    Dad Rose

    Hey I know that tattoo its on lil Josh isnt it
  9. jayessebee


    This is a great tattoo, I love it
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