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  1. Some cool pieces in that thread, I'm thinking either Darcy nutt or one or her artists could do a nice scrimshaw piece for me.
  2. Hello again guys, being a student I'm obviously low on funds so my badass war unicorn rainbow flag waving rider sleeve will have to wait. I was thinking of starting with something smaller I could actually save up for in a reasonable amount of time. I think a scrimshaw tattoo would be cool, I'm from Connecticut, near new London (a huge whaling town back in the day) and always Hohhot scrimshaw was cool. Do you think at would make a good tattoo?
  3. I'm not a tattoo artist so feel free to ignore me, but I can see what you're saying about the line work. Especially on the envelope, it looks like something a kid drew in their notebook during class.
  4. Mine's real old school, this is how motorcycles got started!
  5. I just had a cool idea, I could combine the rainbow flag and unicorn tattoos into one really cool image. I'm thinking like a badass unicorn rearing up with a guy on it's back holding the rainbow flag up in the air, like a war horse kind of deal. Darcy nutt should be able to make a really cool tattoo out of that.
  6. That makes sense, I do plan on getting a lot of tattoos but being a pre-med major I have to keep things in places I can cover with a long sleeve shirt for obvious reasons. I was thinking of using the arm band as a sort of border between tattoo and clear skin but I can see how a flag would work better if I get a full sleeve done.
  7. For sure, I looked through her portfolio on the website and she's probably the one to go to for a lot of my ideas. Being a student it will take some time to get the money up but I guess I can start with the rainbow tattoo. Do you think a rainbow arm band would be good? I read some posts about tattoo artists not liking arm bands so maybe a pride flag would be better.
  8. Yeah, that shop looked pretty dope. Looks like their artists really know how to use color and I definitely want a lot of color on me.
  9. Is that a place in boise? I can't find it with a quick google search, just came up with a place in LA - - - Updated - - - So what do you guys think about the mountain goat design? Does that photo have good potential as a tattoo you think? Or should I just ask an artist to design a cool tattoo of mountain goats climbing.
  10. I'll see if I can track him down, if he can design a cool unicorn tattoo I definitely wanna see it!
  11. That's one design I definitely wanna get, I'd be willing to budge on the exact styling if an artist redesigned it in a way I liked and I'm not sure if I want to add color. - - - Updated - - - I'm also considering a tattoo based on this design (that I made based on a couple things I found online) but as you can see it obviously needs a lot of work. - - - Updated - - - I also want to get some sort of mountain goat tattoo, I thought this picture was a cool one. I would like the goats to be bigger (and maybe have less of them) but I think this picture is a good place to start to design a c
  12. Would it be ok for me to post some of the pictures or ideas I have for my tattoos for some advice on placement/what could make a good tattoo? I'm new to the forum so I don't wanna break any unwritten rules.
  13. Just took a peek at the site, looks like some good art comes out of there for sure!
  14. Hey everybody, I'm From idaho (I'll be living at boise state as of august 22) and I love tattoos! I've got quite the list of tattoos I'd like to get but before I get any of them I wanted to post here a bit to run the ideas by you, and maybe get some recommendations on who to go to in boise because some of the tattoos I want are fairly complex so I want a really good guy!
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