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  1. I'm not in the peak of knowing my shit, and regards in my signature, I love just about anything with wolves. Lol I'm waiting till my next appointment so he can draw up custom script. - - - Updated - - - I'm not in the peak of knowing my shit, and regards in my signature, I love just about anything with wolves. Lol I'm waiting till my next appointment so he can draw up custom script.
  2. He said he would draw up a few scripts for me to choose from since I'm indecisive on exactly what I want but he asked me to look around too and if I find something I really like to bring it in!
  3. So I have an all day session with my artist tomorrow, we're adding the bull to my leg and background so I figured we could do a small tattoo that I've wanted to get. I want to put Canis Lupus on my wrists, but there are SO many fonts out there. Can someone direct me to a good site for them or recommend some good ones? I want it to be legible but really fancy looking!
  4. I'm gonna bring flip flops next time and just gonna wash my feet right before I leave work! I mean, I clean snake shit all day so I do arrive there smelly! Except, I'll be taking half the day off to have a whole day session :) I always bring a change of clothes, deodorant and body spray to make sure I don't smell much when I get there cause it's hot in the snake rooms!
  5. Lol I wear socks, they just don't show cause I can't rand to see my socks when I wear my shoes haha. I'm going to take my shoe off next time cause the bull zombie will be a little lower and the background is going to be starting on my ankle and going up! Right now my tattoo is just about almost healed and it still looks really good! Now for my zombie bull that I'll be getting in the 17th, should I but the testicles in my tattoo or not? I think if I keep them I'll have them be a little shorter lol I will also be putting canis lupus on my wrists too during my all day session!
  6. Thanks guys! I'm really into it too! Now, it's just starting to peel in certain spots, and it's been 6 days since I got it, is thst normal? All my other tats were peeling by day 3
  7. So I finally got my zombie horse tattoo done! Pretty stoked about it! Took 4 and a half hours..now I have a question. I got it done Thursday, and it hasn't started to peel at all, is that weird? It's stabbed up but shows no attempts to peel. Both of my other tattoos started peeling by day 3. Next session will be 7 hours, going to add another zombie creature to the inside of my calf and start a little background! Not sure on what zombie creature it will be,was thinking maybe a bucking longhorn..that or even maybe the headless horseman! Plus, I'll be putting canis lupus on my wrist too during t
  8. Welcome! :) I'll be sure to check you Instagram out!
  9. Alright so I have my half sleeve, and it covers the whole front of my upper arm. But I'm curious what I could put on the under side of my arm? Any advice is appreciated! My other half sleeve is going to be from my elbow up to my shoulder and everything will be covered so it seems weird to have this one open on my under arm! Anything animal related or a forest scene would fit, or should it be tribal pattern and have it come to part of my forearm?
  10. Actually lower part, 45-ish minutes away from Detroit!
  11. My half sleeve took 5 and a half hours, and my wolf paw with wolf inside it was 2 and a half hours as well. But all the patterns will take a while lol my zombie horse will take at least 3 hours just to get the horse, not including the background and other zombie animals!
  12. That's going to look pretty cool! Like I said a few sessions that are a few hours or more!
  13. Tattoo by JJ at B'z Ink. Took two sessions. First session 3 and a half hours, second session 2 hours.
  14. Definetly appreciate your concern! I just seem to be obsessed! I am slowing down, these few I got have been ones I've thought of for years especially the wolf paw. It has a very special meaning to me :)
  15. oh my lord! You must show me, I love wolf tattoos <3 I need another but already have 2 lol- - - Updated - - - Depends on your artist and how much detail you want. I could see that being 3 or 4 sessions that are at least 4 hours if you want a really nice tattoo! I'm not sure what the Rock has.
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