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  1. Bit of a thread revive but I read through it yesterday and was a very interesting and informative read! Thank you for sharing your experiance, I am currently in the process of getting a medium/large tribal lasered on my upper arm. I have had 2 laser sessions so far and I am noticing good results next session will be in a few weeks. It's the Q Switched Yag laser that is being used for mine, I have only had it turned up a little but my next session I will ask if she can turn it up slightly again. That picture of the blisters made my stomach churn a little lol.
  2. I am looking at going with Steven Wrigley, I've heard nothing but good things about him and I have been following him on an app I have on my phone. I am looking at a Koi carp for the cover up but I need a few more sessions of the laser before it's worth going to see him. Then hopefully he can point me in the right direction on a colourfull design. I don't want to go through with laser again lol the sooner Im finished my treatment the better!
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    Hi there, my name is Stephen. I have been browsing this forum for a little while now so thought I'd join up. I'm currently going through the process of getting a tattoo lasered so that I can go down the cover up route. Just finished my 2nd session at the weekend and all I can say is that it was painful! Worse than the first sitting but the laser was turned up slightly. I joined the site as it has played a big part in me choosing the artist I would like to do the cover up, if they agree to tattoo me of course.
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