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  1. Ha! Thanks dood. I really didn't mind, but thanks. I'm off now to get married by Elvis in Las Vegas to my beautiful fiancée, so I'll see you all soooooon! @exume Yes, you are correct, this is my first tattoo. I seem to have started in 5th gear...
  2. That's a shame. I thought there would be a winner but there would be no tshirt given away if there were less than five entries? Ah well, it was cool to see everyone's tattoos, they are amazing
  3. Though being a modest man, I have decided to enter the tattoo of the month on here. I figure I owe it to my tattooist for all of his hard work http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/lst-announcements-contests/6716-june-2015-tattoo-month-contest.html
  4. It looks that way, though I'm still not keen on getting my arms covered. Other than my partner, hardly anyone knows I'm tattooed, and I like that. Well, people on here know, but no one on here knows me in person so it doesn't count ;) It's not that I'm embarrassed by my tattoo, I just don't like people knowing everything about me.
  5. My just completed full back piece based on the tale of Mimi Nashi Hoichi by Fil Wood at Black Crown Tattoo in Leeds For those who would like to know more of the tale please look here The Story Of Mimi-Nashi-Hoichi And you can check out Fil Wood's work here https://instagram.com/fil_wood/
  6. Thanks. I'm super happy with it and already planning a full leg piece
  7. Had my final session with Fil Wood @ Black Crown Tattoo in Leeds and I'm totally drained. Check him out at https://instagram.com/fil_wood/ I'll post more pics in the future once it's healed and touch up have been done, but for now I'm done and ready to jump in a bathtub full of bep
  8. Here's an update on my back piece from my last session with Fill Wood @ Black Crown Tattoo in Leeds. I'm getting close the end- maybe another 2 or 3 sessions to finish Hoichi's gown, the detail in the Biwa and a few other bits. Link- https://instagram.com/p/15lGppmzSi/
  9. Made quite a bit of progress today with Fil Wood at Black Crown in Leeds https://instagram.com/p/0dTv7zmzSG/?taken-by=fil_wood
  10. Fil Wood @ Black Crown in Leeds
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