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  1. just had a look at yer artwork robbie very nice indeed
  2. was my very first tattoo on my shoulder blade when i was 18,im now 42 so have had the wee fella for a few years,got it done in my home town in a small room on top of a building run by 2 brothers
  3. very informative thread,im going to japan soon and will be getting a tattoo done already got in contact with the artist just to decide on a design and size colour etc
  4. i found that both the shoulder blade and the chest are quite painfull,although as they say no pain no gain,i also found that surprisingly on the neck is not as harsh as i thought
  5. Hi there thought i better pop on and give a quick intro and say hello im from the uk in scotland and currently have around 13 tattoos, mostly small ones but i look forward to posting in the forums as i now have a more profitable job and will be looking to increase my collection with some quality tattoos.I look forward to being a regular member wonderbhoy
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