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  1. Picked this up from Steve Boltz on Tuesday.
  2. I had my favorite tattooer in the world, Erick Lynch do this on Friday at Redemption in Cambridge Ma. My girl and I have been together for 7 1/2 years and got married in October…. So, I got her name finally :-) I'll have to repost this when it heals.
  3. Happy Halloween LST crew!!!
  4. Just got this from Eli yesterday. I think I have Smith Street fever!!
  5. Me too. Now the longest I can sit is 3 hours. I remember 13 years ago working the night shift in Boston, driving two hours to Portland Maine, getting tattooed by Chris Dingwell for 6/7 hours, driving the two hours back to Boston, then going to work for another night shift. I did that multiple times and now can't understand how!!!!
  6. Very odd, but as was stated, I too am impressed with how quick that person got banned.
  7. I did that 'Fung-Wah' bus every weekend between Boston and NYC for two years, it was only $10 each way. I have lots of odd stories from those trips!!!
  8. Here's a panther I got from Eli Quinters a few weeks ago as a walk in.
  9. I know someone who works on this show behind the scenes. Apparently this upcoming season has contestants from former seasons that didn't get along ,"tattooing against each other". It's going to be even more about 'reality tv drama' and less about tattoos than it already has been. WTF?
  10. At this point I'm curious to see what the outcome is. If I get the ok from my friend I'll take a pic before and after the cover-up. He's crashing here on his way from DC to Montreal and on the way back, I'll do my best!
  11. This is how I've been dealing with my buddy as he is sort of asking my opinion on the matter and I've just said that particular style isn't my thing.I just found out that he booked his appointment and gave a deposit a year ago. Which means the one he is getting covered up was only 6 months old when he decided to tattoo over it. The one he has now is also tattooed technically well…Anyways, thanks for the input all.
  12. Yeah…What he has now already looks like that kind of stuff and his exact quote is " would rather go to him than get like some eagle or owl or whatever people use for big coverups". Honestly, I kind of want to slap my friend ha,ha. What's funny is I'm wanting to get a big eagle tattooed on me in general :-D
  13. A buddy of mine, who is new to getting tattooed, is getting a guy named Yann Black in Montreal to tattoo his chest in a couple of weeks. I never heard of him so I looked him up and well..it's not my thing at all but my buddy is into what he calls the new 'avant-garde tattoo movement'.This chest piece he is getting will be a cover-up of other squiggly lines he has all over his chest in a similar style (which he already wants gone after only having had it for a year & 1/2). I feel like my boy is making a huge mistake but it is his body and maybe I should just mind my own business. Any opinions from you guys would be appreciated. Here is Yann Black's website your meat is mine
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