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  1. I'm just going to delete me account, I'm done, I'm being diplomatic by walking away from a fight I didn't start. Bye
  2. First it's not a handle, it's my actual name so you're a great person making fun of someone's name, does it make you feel good to bully someone? Second of all this is between me and SeeSea and it's nothing to do with you, so do you have nothing better to do then argue with people on the internet? I'm done here, so don't bother mentioning me again I wont be reading your replies, I already explained why I posted here but if your to daft to actually read what I wrote then I don't want to know you anyway. And one more time in case you missed it I wont be back, so don't bother responding to me I
  3. SeeSea here seems to be the major communication breakdown, I never once asked for help, nor did I want it, I've read all of Yelp's information for myself and understood it just fine (I just don't like it), my post was just bitching about their business practices, and didn't require answering. Now please spare me your arrogance, I wont bother ever reading anything you write again. You have been nothing but nasty to me since I told you the first time that I knew all that stuff. Sorry you wasted your time, but no one asked you to, you acted on your own. Seriously, go reread my original post i
  4. SeeSea not sure why I'm getting so much attitude from you? I had already read all of that on yelp's page months ago, so you didn't give me any new information, so pardon me if I'm not kissing your feet and thanking teh god's you were born to enlighten me.
  5. I just force myself to walk away from it and do other things, but yeah it's like crack.
  6. SeeSea, I've read all of that, the issue is I've also read about the companies that are suing yelp, because they paid to advertise with them because they were told by sales reps there that they could make the bad reviews disappear, and once paid yelp removed the bad reviews. So it's all a scam.
  7. Inksanity Tattoos in Somerset, NJ, right near Rutgers busy New Brunswick campus is looking for 3 tattoo artists to add to our staff. We get lots of walk in's and custom work too. We are looking to hire 3 full time artists with strong portfolios, and good work ethics. We would prefer someone with 4 years or more of shop experience. No addicts, No drama, No prima donas, No attitudes. Please contact me if you are interested with your name, where you are currently living, how many years you've been working in shops, a link to your on line portfolio, and anything else we should know about yo
  8. That's awesome, having an idea and not knowing what you want are 2 different things, when someone says they don't know what they want that implies, they have no idea what they want. We get people coming in all the time who say things like I want to get a tat, and we say ok what do you want and they say I don't know just want to get my arm filled up, or I want a sleeve and we say a sleeve of what and they say just whatever. So when someone says they don't know what they want I take them at their word. If someone said I have an idea but not a picture i'd be like yes that's awesome, we can wo
  9. exmember88


    I never lurked, I don't lurk, I'm a jump right in kind of person. Also since I'm here on behalf of the shop I work for it's a little different, we're looking for a new artist, so waiting out my 3 days til I can post a help wanted post. I made a bad assumption about these forums since most tattoo forums are filled with tattoo artists and very few enthusiasts, this place seems to be the exception. So yeah I'm a body piercer, have been for 12 years, in a shop. I have a Halloween themed sleeve in progress, and a spirit animal portrait sleeve in progress on the other side, I have a mostly Asian
  10. exmember88


    I never said I didn't have tattoos, I have 33 tattoos to be specific, I posted this before reading any of the forums and I assumed they would be mostly professional tattooists, and didn't want to offer up amateur opinions.
  11. I love that who's your daddy one in the first post, funny and well done.
  12. Well I'm in trouble I have facial piercings and tattoos, I guess it's ok since my husband has a mustache, goatee, and stretched pierced ears.
  13. Those are beautiful, thank you for sharing this.
  14. I hate Yelp, We had a tattoo artist for a while who, while a good artist, was a terrible person and would hit on female customers and stalk them, and was an asshole to so many people. He isn't with us anymore, we also had an artist who developed a drug habit and said and did some things that were not ok either so our reputation on yelp got trashed, which I understand but these artists are not with us anymore for obvious reasons. So we have asked our clients to post reviews about us on yelp, and we have tons of good reviews now and yelp lists them all as "not recommended". So we are stuck wi
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