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  1. I have a question about designs/placement for inner bicep - should the design look the correct way when your arm is dropped down straight or when you lift your arm up 45degrees ? Coz my dagger looks good either way but the next design I wanted to get (other inner bicep) is a handshake design. I wanted it running along from armpit to elbow but in this location it would only look 'the right way up' when arm is raised. When arm is Hanging down it will look on it's side. So it won't be upside down as such but I'm kinda assuming this is technically not a great idea ? Could go a sacred heart inst
  2. Cool thread - I have a dagger through rose on inner bicep by Oliver Macintosh , he killed it I love it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm also wondering if my initial application of the non-stick patch helped because this would have been in the period where the tattoo was leaking - so perhaps it was more effective for that and then the tegaderm came in when it was nice and non-leaky. In any case cannot believe the results - the tattoo had Healed perfectly after 4-5 days & def no touch up required r
  4. I just had a fantastic healing experience with a slight variation on the tegaderm process I was told by my artist to wash the tattoo as normal the night of the tattoo, put no cream or a&d on it - just pat dry / air dry and leave it with nothing on. Same deal the next morning and once it's dry "apply tegaderm, take off after 3 days and it will be healed" Sounded way to good to be true . The problem was I couldn't purchase tegaderm so I followed the above instructions however the first 24-30 hours of the tattoo being covered was with a non-adhesive wound dressing/patch. Once I finally f
  5. Beyond happy with this rose from Chris Garver this week. Pic stolen from his IG
  6. Bump :) I'm getting a dagger in a couple of weeks, on the arm. Can anyone recommend thoughts on placement on back of upper arm ? That was my original plan but in some pics I've seen, a dagger can look a bit short there, and also warped. Placement IMO is forearm (front of back of) as the spot is longer and they lay flatter. But i need to make a decision if I want it there as my current tattoos are not in exposed positions . Any thoughts would be appreciated ! if it's still going to look good on back of arm i'll go for that but don't want something looking whack due to bad placement ;)
  7. wow that's nice ... thought it was a cris cleen piece . will have to look up Dave Hale
  8. Thanks for the tips both of you .. I have a lady head on the outside of the other arm so should work well!
  9. Some really nice pin ups in here. What are people's thoughts for the best placement for a pinup tattoo on the upper arm please ? I'm thinking of getting mine placed towards the back of the upper arm, rather than directly on the very outside of the upper arm. They look great on forearms (inside or outside) but unfortunately I can't go there due to work. What's everyones thoughts on next best arm-placement option please :) Thanks !
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