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  1. I might actually try to go to this one with the wife, she's itching to get work done and the list of artists going there is pretty damn awesome. Went to my first tattoo convention this weekend and won best sleeve, pretty pumped to go to Boston's next month, especially since my artist will be there this time. Would be awesome to go to three conventions in a row.
  2. I wash mine until I'm pretty confident most of it is gone, it doesn't really matter if there's still plasma on there as long as you keep it lubed and wrapped, the plasma won't dry and you won't get scabs. I keep rewrapping for 2 days and by then, it stop leaking plasma and at that point you gotta make sure you wash off all the plasma. Don't want scabs. It'll start shedding skin a day or two later. Healed my entire sleeve that way and it's vibrant and I haven't needed any touch ups.
  3. Well that was a brutal last session but damn the result is worth it:
  4. Thanks! It was done by Jesse Rix out of Keene, NH.
  5. I didn't realize until today that this was the place to post new work. I'm going on Friday to finalize the entire sleeve(at least that's the hope). We'll be filling in all the background that wasn't finished yet and then go over the entire piece to add highlights and really make it pop. So far, this is what's been done: https://instagram.com/p/yaAYr2Ry_X/ (This was 3 appointments, I just didn't want to throw a bunch of pictures in, mostly finished top half of the sleeve, there are still some sections that need to be finished). Started work on the bottom half, finished most of the lioness(ab
  6. Well Friday we added the cubs, it took a grueling 8.5 hours of gritting my teeth through this one. That is one sensitive tenderloin, that inner forearm... Holy balls of awesome. Jesse is so fucking amazing, I can't even. I wish the picture captured the image better as the top cub is kind of chewing on the bottom cub's ear, it looks amazing in person. This thing needs to heal well and fast, going back in 3 weeks to finish the entire sleeve. We'll be filling in all the gaps and blasting over everything that he hadn't quite had a chance to finish just yet. We'll be adding more highlights,
  7. Thank you! The artist is amazing and that is correct, always wanted sleeves or nothing, this is my first. I mean I guess it's multiple tattoos in the end but yes, just started this year with the whole lion sleeve.
  8. I forgot to add an update after the last appointment, so here's the quick video of the half sleeve all healed up, that was another killer 8 hours: Instagram I also got more work done yesterday on the bottom half of the sleeve, lioness is about 70% finished(7:30 hours): Instagram Next appointment will consist of finishing up the lioness and hopefully get both of the cubs done on the inner forearm. Once that's done there should be one or two final appointments to go back over everything. So pumped, Jesse is fucking amazing. Really happy with the progress
  9. 3rd session done, 3-4 more to go to finish the top half and start/finish the bottom half:
  10. 3rd session over, that one felt even more brutal than the last. Completely finished the top of the shoulder and under part of the arm all the way to the armpit of doom(fuck my life that shit hurts). Top half of the sleeve nearly finished, this is the only pic I have for now, will have to post more once it's healed.
  11. Couldn't agree more Mick, I have a coworker who's been trying to talk me into using numbing cream because "it's awesome, I can't feel anything". I've been going out there and took the pain as part of the experience, it's satisfying after 9 hours when your artist tells you you earned it... and it wrecked me when I tapped out after 7 and a half hours on my 2nd appointment, felt some serious shame and now, 6 days later I want to kick myself for not sitting the last hour and a half. I was just saying that ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, if some people can't take pain but still w
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