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  1. Flash Page 2
  2. USS Dirtbag. Painted for Mad Jack Hinton
  3. Flash Page 1
  4. Bulldog and Rose
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  8. Hey! I haven't been on here for a long time. But I was just gonna let you know, if you still wanna hear my band, we have a new song up on our facebook.

    Aside from that, how's it goin?

  9. I like the Van Halen/Smiths combo there. We listen to 80's stuff (Smiths, Talking Heads, Cure), Reggae, Punk (Off With Their Heads, Face to Face, Alkaline Trio), and some more rock and roll type stuff. I save the hardcore for the day I have there by myself.
  10. Winged Rose of No Man's Land
  11. Shaun of the Dead/Morrissey
  12. Rose and Tea Cup
  13. xjamestravisx

    Hand of Glory

    Hand of Glory
  14. I like Russ Abbott's ladies. I also love Valarie Vargas' and Dawn Cooke's.
  15. I have an anchor. I don't delve too deep in my psyche for tattoos. Really, I wanted a sweet anchor, and Tim Phelps from bowling green, KY hooked me up. But, tattooing is my anchor. Tattooing is pretty muchthe only stability in my life. So, that's my piece.
  16. I don't agree with it. Being where I am, we get requests for it a lot. We, at Lucky lady, won't do em. Just a shop policy. But, in the shop I worked in before, The owner was cool with it, and she'd do em. But I am strongly opposed to it, so I turned them down left and right. The ideas these kids want tattooed on them are often ridiculous and not well thought out. Now I'm not saying every tattoo needs to have a lot of thought in to it. I'm sure a lot of us, tattooers and collectors, are to the point that we get shit we think is cool. And those are my favorite tattoos to do. But I think a first tattoo needs a bit of thought. Either way... No tattoos for minors.
  17. Yep. Myspace.com/Thedarkandbloodyground

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