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  1. Was told I might fit in over here. Back piece done by Josh Damnit Classic Tattoo Upland CA. Took about a year and a half (slow and steady). Couldn't be happier with it. Tribute to cousin who passed.
  2. bnannners

    Ocean half sleeve

    Half sleeve done about 2 years ago. This picture was taken fresh. Sharks were done by Gabe from Empire Tattoo Upland CA and the rest of it was done by Josh Damnit from Classic Tattoo Upland CA. Currently in the process of getting it made into a full sleeve :)
  3. bnannners


    Thank you all for the compliments on the back piece :)
  4. bnannners


    I am from the lovely Los Angeles California
  5. bnannners


    Hey there. My name is Brie I am 21. Having a few tattoos so far and looking forward to getting more. Glad to have found an awesome forum to share and learn from. Thanks :)
  6. By Josh Damnit Classic Tattoo Upland, CA
  7. By Josh Damnit Classic Tattoo Upland, CA
  8. By Josh Damnit Classic Tattoo Upland, CA
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