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    Ascending Koi is a new shop bringing a unique & personal touch to the tattoo industry, with a fun, engaging team of talented artists.
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    Calgary, AB
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    Tattoo Studio
  1. Hi everyone! I'm Callista, and I work at a pretty cool little tattoo shop in Calgary, AB called Ascending Koi Tattoo! I've been fascinated by tattoos my whole life, but it wasn't until I started working at Ascending Koi that it became a passion of mine. I'm not an artist myself, but I greatly admire the amazing artists I work with. I started a blank canvas, and in the last year and a half have acquired three very rad tattoos I try to show off at every possible opportunity. I'm still finishing my leg, and I really hope to turn the one on my arm into a sleeve eventually! :) Glad to meet you al
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