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    Heavily tattooed skin from NJ
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  1. SkinheadPete

    Tattooers with little to no tattoos

    I would never get tattooed by some1 with less tattoos than me...I only have full sleeves and legs should earn that right by doing your "time" and getting tattooed before becoming a tattoo artist
  2. YouTube - ‪ManWoman: "Save The Swastika" Tattoos‬‏

    Not sure if any1 has seen this...but this dude explains where all his swazi tattoos came from

  3. SkinheadPete

    Old Tattoo Documentaries

    WOW! Fucking Wow! This video made me feel honored Bob liked my leg tats @ State of Grace convention!
  4. SkinheadPete

    Carlsbad Gap Video

    fucking sick! thanks for posting! I love skating gaps...not this big! I gotta go and check out this place 1 day...
  5. SkinheadPete

    Your Latest Tattoo Story

    My last tattoo was my stomach done by DannyBoy @ Let it Bleed in SF. Next up, getting the Misifts Crimson Ghost in the coffin on my front thigh done by Don Perdue @ Powerhouse Tattoo in NJ! I tend to get 1 every couple of months.
  6. SkinheadPete

    Working and living with visible tattoos

    I have full sleeves and have worked at Wells Fargo and now I work in a Federal Building. People def. treat you way differently in a office environment. Wells Fargo, some people were more uptight about it than others. I had a guy in a cubicle next to me that was OFFENDED by my tattoos. None of my tattoos are offensive. The government building, people just mostly stare. They think I am here for court.
  7. SkinheadPete

    Most painful spot to get tattooed

    My chest/sternum so far. It was unbearable. But she used a really heavy liner for it.
  8. SkinheadPete

    Too many tattoo artists???

    yeah way to many
  9. SkinheadPete


    Nick Rodin. Blackheart Tattoo
  10. SkinheadPete


    Tanja Nixx. Lyle Tuttle Tattoo
  11. SkinheadPete


    Tanja Nixx. Lyle Tuttle Tattoo
  12. SkinheadPete


    Juan Puente. Blackheart Tattoo
  13. SkinheadPete


    Juan Puente. Blackheart Tattoo
  14. SkinheadPete


    Nick Rodin. Blackheart Tattoo
  15. SkinheadPete


    Jason Brooks. Great Wave. TX