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  1. YouTube - ‪ManWoman: "Save The Swastika" Tattoos‬‏

    Not sure if any1 has seen this...but this dude explains where all his swazi tattoos came from

  2. Yeah, I got Juan and Nick tats on me. Still gotta hit up Scott and Jeff. Amazing work coming out of Spider Murphys as well. We do have some of the best tattooers!

  3. thanks for add. I see you go to Balckheart. Do you go anywhere else in SF?

  4. Just got my stomach tattooed @ Let it Bleed, San Francisco, by Dannyboy Smith. I thought it was going to hurt like hell but suprisingly it wasn't bad at all. Either he was lighthanded or I had a good nights rest. The worst part was when he pushed down on the stomach. Makes you feel like you got to shit and also a little on the edge of the ribcage. Next up, the ribs!

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