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  1. Reyeslv check out their site...got a lot of pics!! Bad Apple Tattoo
  2. I have had 2 tats done at a local shop...got talked into letting their apprentice do it. Used needles to big and I have blowouts on both. Yeahhhhhh my first 2 cover ups as well!! Seems the apprentice was sleeping with the owner and he was doing what SHE wanted to keep himself "happy"! Those cover ups lead me to Bad Apple here in town and one of the owners fixed me up good! She has been doing all of my tats since.
  3. Bad Apple on Charleston. Done by one of the owners....Jessie. They put out awesome work there. They have had all the same artists for a minimum of 12 years...says a lot about the place and the owners! Cool atmosphere, good music...a TON of focal points! LOL She, (Jessie), also does laser tattoo removal. - - - Updated - - - Can we post links to tattoo places in our local cities? Had a member ask where I got mine and would like to give them the link so they can check out some of their work.
  4. I am 53 if it makes you feel any better. Got my first one at 40...working on finishing my full sleeve and 7 other various pieces elsewhere. I have gotten a ton of looks....but more compliments than anyone being rude. I have a rather large memorial poem on my upper arm that everyone stops and wants to read. Being 53 I learned a LONG time ago...MY life, MY way. The people staring and being rude are the ones with problems...probably jealous as they do not have the nerve to get one. Let them stare and smile right back at them!
  5. Thanks everyone!! This site is AWESOME!!! I think I got a profile pic added, but now I have to retake pics of all my tats...GGGRRRR. Seems the file and pictures I HAD got deleted!
  6. Not surprised...I am sure anyone will get that response from their artist if they have never used it. I am my artist's guinea pig. She had only heard about it, but never seen it done or the stages of healing. With my first one I stopped by everyday, (her shop is 2 minutes away from my house), so she could see the stages first hand. I even bought her a package of it on Ebay to use for herself. Greatest stuff ever!! Back tats would require a second person to help put it on as this stuff can be tricky. Sticks to itself worse than saran wrap and you cannot salvage it once it sticks together!
  7. I am working on it...still trying to figure out how to do it and add info to my profile as well as my picture.
  8. Some of my best pieces were just an idea and my tattoo artist took it from there!! Rather than use someone else's pictures you get your "own" one of a kind piece! Or use someone else's picture and they make it your own by tweaking the original design!
  9. If it makes any of you feel better..NO age is the perfect time to tell your parents!! LOL I was 40 when I got my first of many and I hid it for 6 months!! When I finally got the nerve all my Mom said...it IS your body and you ARE an adult!!! I am the oldest child and only daughter. I think they always had more expectations of me then my 2 brothers so I was always careful not to hurt their feelings and all that, which followed me into my adult life. Now that my sleeve is almost complete and I have 7 others in various places, my Mom just rolls her eyes, although she does comment on how beautiful
  10. I am on tattoo # 5 healing with Tagaderm film. I had heard about it from another gal who's artist used it. After listening to her rave about it and what you DID NOT experience using it I thought I would give it a shot. I will NEVER use anything else!!! Love getting the ink, but the itching drives me insane!! The way I was told to use it...after the initial wrap is removed and cleaned....let it air dry completely, then put the film on. Leave it on for 5-6 days..or when the edges start to lift. I soak it off the rest of the way in the shower and it is DONE!! NO ITCHING....NO SCABBING....NO PEELI
  11. Found this site while I was looking up tattoo aftercare...impressive. I too have been using the new technique of Tagaderm film and after reading some of the posts I know I am on the right path. After using it one time, I will NEVER heal a tattoo any other way!! I am healing 2 new ones right now...making this number 5 that I have healed using the film. Although I am not where near as advanced as some of you, I AM 2/3 of the way done with my "sleeve" on my left arm, along with 7 other pieces on various parts of my anatomy. Going to read more posts now....thanks for allowing me to join!!
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