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  1. So I'm kinda worried about my tattoo because my guy didn't really give me much aftercare instructions other than wash it at least twice a day with anti-bacterial soap. He said any would do. Well after getting it filled in, it stabbed over quite thick. I'm not sure if that's normal or if it's because of the soap I used because it did not seen to want to wash off. Anyways, I'm bad about picking scabs but somehow I've managed to not touch this one. However, I work in law enforcement so there's a lot of movement and what not so a few times I could feel my shirt picking at some of the places.
  2. Filled in the upper arm portion Friday afternoon. Still hurts like a mother! This being my first one, all I had to go on was what people told me it would be like. And everyone always said the outline hurts the worst. Horse shit!
  3. My artist told me to use anti-bacterial soap on it but the kind i use doesn't seem to want to wash off. When I rinse off in the shower, the black areas stay all oily and slippery. Then it just dries and crusts over.
  4. I went and talked to him yesterday. He said we'd start filling it in Friday and he'd go as long as I could stand it.
  5. Well it's not peeling anymore, but the skin still being raised? This is my first tattoo ever so I have no idea what the after effects usually are. But if you run your finger over it, you can still feel some of the lines a bit. Does that mean it needs to continue healing or am I good to go now? (And here's a fee pics of the outline so you can see what it's gonna look like)
  6. I wish I could. By the time I pay to have this thing filled in, there won't be a next piece. Not for a LONG while at least.
  7. It's been about 2 weeks since I got my outline and there's still a little bit of dry/peeling skin. My artist says you can't fill in until that's all gone cause it will get infected. I can tell it's pretty much done peeling, it's just the layer of skin that's there is taking forever to peel off. Is there any recommended way to "exfoliate" that area to remove that skin or is it best to just let it go on its own?
  8. Ok. My guy told me it would take about a week to peel and everything and be ready to start filling in. Does that sound about right?
  9. At what point are you less likely to get an infection? Mine is scabby feeling and you can see the white dead skin starting to peel up.
  10. You've heard of good ideas that were poorly executed...well to me this is the other way around. I found this when I was looking for Samoan/Polynesian arm/shoulder/chest ideas. Looks like he got a bra tattooed on. I don't think it would have been nearly as bad if he had've let a little more skin show through. Just too much black.
  11. So I'm kinda curious about something. I just got my first tattoo yesterday and I went to a very reputable shop here in town. I just did the outline since it's so big. He did not put anything on it when I left, and as far as aftercare instruction, the only thing he told me was to wash it at least twice a day with anti-bacterial soap. But I did a google search on aftercare and everyone says you should be putting some type of ointment or lotion on it, and that "dry healing" is old school. What say you?
  12. Here's the outline. As soon as it heels I'm going back to get the rest done.
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