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  1. Jamie MacPherson Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
  2. I was born in Belgium and stayed there till I was 24. Had no tattoos then so can't help. But if you have the chance to go to Ghent please do. The Cathedral and castles are amazing. Make sure to visit the torture room in Gravensteen castle Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
  3. Another pic Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
  4. Loving these 2 side tattoos. Painful experience but so worth it. Around the nipple was no fun Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
  5. Yes I'll post a pic when healed. It's still sore as hell. Probable doesn't help I went to work the next day to tile a floor.
  6. Finally got my griffin calf piece done back of the knee was no joke.
  7. yes im really happy with it. The back of the knee was no joke tho.
  8. finally had my consultation today. Booked for halfway may. i was planning to do this tattoo sooner but $2000 worth of tools go stolen last year so my tattoo budget was gone. Finally getting this griffin calf piece done
  9. I had to learn this as well. I'm a perfectionist and I always look for flaws in everything and it drives me nuts. It's a good quality for my work since I'm in construction and my work is mint because of this. It's different with tattoos. little imperfections is what makes a tattoo a tattoo and not a sticker on your body. I had to let go of certain things and eventually your forget about little (mistakes) and you learn to love your tattoos
  10. That's gonna look so awesome. Keep us posted on the progress
  11. Not sure if I posted in this thread yet. But this is my lion chest piece when just done. I really like it now after several months.
  12. i usually go to Jamie Mcpherson at dutchman tattoos in burnaby bc canada. Hes done all of my tattoos so far.
  13. Yes I definitely won't add names or dates.
  14. I could also incorporate a manticore who is guarding over a smaller griffin. Both mythical creatures. Not sure yet. Or I could keep the manticore for the other calf. Lol
  15. so I'm thinking of getting a griffin tattoo for my calf. I love the way they look but most importantly my kids name is griffin. So I just wanna pick your brain. I am talking with my tattoo artist but I don't want to waste his time putting a stencil together before I know what I want. A griffin is kinda a gnarly beast. Not sure if its a good idea to get it because my kids name is griffin. I don't know how to incorporate my boy in this tattoo. Maybe its too far fetched. Maybe it could be great. Any input is very much appreciated.
  16. I don't see what the problem is with asking an approximate cost. Tattoo artists provide a service and there is nothing wrong to ask what he or she would charge for a tattoo. Not for shopping around purposes because you go to a tattoo artist for his/her skill and not based on a price. I always ask my tattoo artist how many hours he estimates the tattoo will take. It's not written in stone but I like to know how much cash to bring.
  17. Yes I've got 2 full sleeves and a leg piece. The arms had some painful spots (under the armpit, shoulder blade, and inner side of bicep.) This chest piece was 100 times worse for me personally. I couldn't zone out one second. It's my favourite piece but I had to endure 9 hours of brutal pain.
  18. maybe there is another thread about this already but im just putting this question out there. I have 2 full sleeves, a small leg piece and a big chest piece. My arms are both fish related as i love aquariums and sea life. The piece on my leg is for my wife and kid. But my recent lion head chest piece is just cause i feel it just looks badass and i love lion tattoos. But people keep asking me where i got the idea for a lion tattoo. They want to find a meaning behind it and find it weird to get such a huge piece with no story behind it. I know i dont care what they say but whats a good response? I know most tattooed people get this dumb question and statements so what are some of your responses to this. Thanks
  19. You can also research the colours of the koi. Red koi could represent a mother and love and a pink koi could represent a daughter. The transition between a koi and changing into a dragon slowly could mean you overcame a big obstacle and are changing for the better because of it. I love Japanese style tattoos and the stories behind it.
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