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  1. I have a lot of Impact Rotary machines I'm interested in selling. New and used. All in great working condition. They usually for for $395, I am willing to let them go for $300 or less depending on how many you want. Feel free to email JDTattoo86@gmail.com
  2. Well, the SOLE purpose of my collection is not to showcase a certain style. The fact is, the southern california black and gray style really speaks to me, and I find it timeless and beautiful. I found that the majority of artists I really looked up to were guys from Tattooland, so really the list of artists came first - and the realization that the collection would be a great example of southern california tattooing came second. I also really think California is the mecca of tattooing, and want to show off what we have to offer.
  3. Yeah, I do want one of the 108 Heroes of Los Angeles. I've done a liiiiiiiiittle research on the 108 heroes and I'm trying to find one that speaks to me
  4. Thank you to everyone for your input - I think everyone had a really really valid viewpoint. One thing I did forget to mention - The goal of my collection is to display the caliber of tattooing in Southern California - via my favorite artists - the majority of which happen to be past or present Tattooland artists or loosely affiliated with the shop or the Beatniks. I have a little work from Jack Rudy, and when my torso is done, I hope to have work from Ben Grillo, Corey Miller, Espi, Lil Roy, Chuey, Robert Atkinson, and Tim Hendricks. I think that a Chris Brand backpiece would be a perfect
  5. *Mods: If this belongs in the Full Back Piece Thread - I apologize* Hello all, I'm a huge fan of this forum, and have been lurking for years. I think this is the best possible place to get an answer to my question. I have been collecting seriously for a couple years now, and really want to get my back done. Chris Brand is my first choice - as I am a huge fan of Tattooland history and I consider his work flawless, and love his Suikoden. My conflict is - I'm just a white boy from Orange County. Neither Japanese nor Chicano culture apply to my upbringing, so I'm not sure that I am fit to wear
  6. I asked today, and was told that once it's over on the 14th - it's over for good. I hope that I'm mistaken!! - - - Updated - - - I finally made it today - and my mind was blown. Such a beautiful exhibit - down to the last detail. That genuinely made me decide to donate to JANM because it was so amazing. It's kind of small, and yet I spent two hours walking in circles looking at everything. Kip did a great job - It was truly breathtaking. The majority of people I saw there were not visibly tattooed and seemed so impressed with the quality. I officially think Kip is one of the greatest amba
  7. I hope to have my back done by Grime one day! I'm sure it's amazing.
  8. That's it, I'm checking it out this weekend. I'm actually getting tattooed by Espi soon, who's featured in the exhibit in one way or an another.
  9. I will be checking it out this weekend, I can't wait! I'm honestly a little ashamed of myself, this exhibit is like 40 minutes from my house and I've been putting it off till the last minute.
  10. New Sacred Heart From Steve Soto of Goodfellas in Orange, California
  11. I recently got a micro-mini tattoo from Dan Smith, who told me he was inspired to do them after visiting Ben's shop. I read that same interview, and asked Dan how he thought it would hold up - he seemed very confident that it will stand the test of time! We will see, it sure healed like a dream, and I got it near my ankle so it won't ever see much sun.
  12. Just booked Steve Soto to do a sacred heart on my sternum! Seriously looking forward to this one
  13. I think Jeremiah Barba is the fastest I've been tattooed by. I thought we were taking the first break when he told me we were done! Think I might just have him do my ribs, and get them over with fast as possible with some black and gray bio
  14. MY pleasure! I am a HUGE fan of Tattooland...I have lived in Anaheim, and really got my first taste of high-caliber tattooing there. Every one there is so talented, professional, and can tell stories for days! Little Roy, Jack, Chris, Stan, Brandy....all top-notch individuals and artists. I intend to have a good number of current and former Tattooland artists/Beatniks contribute to my collection - Hopefully Chuey, Espi, Ben Grillo, Corey Miller, Robert Atkinson, etc. Jack Rudy Ray Giambrone - Inkhouse - Lake Forest, CA Jeremiah Barba Zombie Joe - Norco Tattoo Dan Smith - Ca
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