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  1. I went to a tattoo studio and looked around at the flash artwork, and even thought about making some, but as it's been stated, people like original pieces, and I wouldn't want one design on multiple bodies. The thing I learned about originality through art though is someone having a specific design just for them, no matter who draws it, is their original piece. Even if it's remade a crap load of time it's their original piece, though that means it's been stolen and someone's gonna probably be sued, depending.
  2. Lol, marley no worries, I am chill. I'm not angry or anything, just listening to everyone's points.
  3. That's slightly degrading to artists everywhere. So the person who actually drew it didn't put their heart and soul into making it, just because they aren't an official tattoo artist? I get where you're coming from, but damn.
  4. My menstrual cramps leave me in bed for a couple days and I end up vomiting anything I eat or drink... I wish I'd never have them.
  5. I'm not quite sure what you mean about the original piece statement. If someone on DeviantART draws a client something, it's their specific design. It's completely original. The "tracing kinda sorta " would probably be the fact that the tattoo artist is using the stencil--that original style of art that belongs to the person who drew it in the first place--instead of their own style and concept. But how does it make the artwork any less original?
  6. When all's said and done, it's the same. Traveling to the tattoo artist you desired artwork from would mean traveling costs + hotel + food. In the end, you'd be paying more to get the tattoo art just like the people paying more to get the tattoo design.
  7. Honestly? I'm not quite sure. Maybe they love an artist's artwork so much that they just have to get a design from them personally and nobody else. Then again, people in general do a lot of questionable things. Actually Brian, I think I might know. There's probably a famous tattoo artist that you'd love to do artwork on your body right? Even if they're out of state, wouldn't you be willing to go the distance just to get art from them if that's the case? That's probably why people commission plain artists to do the designing, then pay the artist to do the bodywork. I don't have to be tattoo
  8. Quite possibly, yes. And if there's a tattoo artist that can design the tattoo in the style you'd like to see it on your skin, then perfect! The reason people go out of their way to ask an artist to design them a tattoo is specifically for their style. And yes, people will pay out the ass to get the perfect style of a tattoo before going into a tattoo shop and paying the tattoo artist, despite them being able to draw it themselves. This is the oddest introduction conversation ever.
  9. It would be nice, but as I'm sure you know tattoo artists either have an hourly rate to go by or have a set price range, which from what I hear is normally the case when a customer comes in with a pre-designed piece.
  10. I think I get where the death glares are coming from. I'm not searching for clients or anything on the site. (Is that the issue? Stealing ideas/designs?) I've got my own tattoo ideas simmering in my brain and once sketched out I would've posted them in the respectable forum category to hear people's thoughts and their interpretation of the art. I'll admit, I didn't browse too deeply. I was searching for an active forum regarding tattoos and this was one I found (the other needing me to pay them to actually sign up). But as I said, I'm not looking for people to pay me for my art. There are ot
  11. I get where you're coming from with tattoo design sites out there being full of crap. However, just because someone isn't specifically a tattoo artist doesn't mean an artist can't design a tattoo for someone seeking one with a specific theme in mind, DeviantART being a prime example. In the end, the tattoo design will more than likely be tweaked by the actual tattoo artist, due to them being the one inking the skin. I get that's why most people go to a tattoo shop, because it's one of their jobs to draw the art first, rather than asking someone who's simply an artist. It's not just the need
  12. Hey Brian! A lot of my newer designs right now are in a sketch phase and I've got two clients I've been working with, but here are some links to a few of them! :) Phoenix sketch Blossom tree and lucky cats Heart Hummingbird and flower Wolf and wings Patrick, glad to see someone knows where I'm coming from, haha.
  13. Been working on a five book novel series that I started writing a couple years back. :) Oddly enough I've written most of the first book and am now working on the fifth and final book.
  14. Ah, well I suppose you're right in a way. I can't exactly label myself as a tattoo enthusiast since I have none of my own, but it's still nice to be around those that love the art that tattoo designers do for them.
  15. Hullo all, I'm probably going to be one of the oddballs here and say that I have no tattoos on me, and nor would I ever want to go through that painful process. I have a very low pain tolerance and looking at a needle coming near me makes me light-headed and sick (true story right there). But! I do love drawing tattoo designs. I just could never be an actual body art artist. With that being said, I've been drawing ever since I was a young'n. I never really thought about drawing tattoo designs until around...'99 maybe? A coworker of mine saw some of my art and wanted one of them to be tattooe
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