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  1. im ok!

    thanl u so much!

    and all my freinds are too!

    well its a warzone here.. it seems like a norwiegen 32 year old man dressed as a police officer first planted a carbomb i the middle of downtown then right after drove to an island outside oslo where 700 kids attended a political youth camp and just started executing kids.. worlds fucking coming to an end it seems and the pictures are terrible..

    death tolls raising..

    i live maybe 1 km away from the explosion but my whole house shock and the windows almost broke..

    lets hope the wounded pull thru and no more people die..

    thank u for caring


  2. den 20e juli nu ska jag upp till marius o fortsätta på ryggen..

    ska bli nice o få mer gjort.. vi har bestämt nu att det blir turtle back av det till slut!

    du då?

    har du vart i SF nu?

    shit va jag längtar tillbax dit asså..

    hoppas allt ä bra!


  3. hello man!

    i was in LA a few months back and wanted to get a tattoo from you but i just had like 2 days..

    i had to leave for SF and three sessions in three days!!(hands,chest and shinleg)..

    but coming back to the states in january next year..

    would love to get a tattoo from you then..

    great interview by the way!

    cheers from Sweden!

  4. u do amazing stuff man!

    greetings from sweden

  5. Love our stuff man!

    hope to get something by u sometime..


  6. Love our stuff man!

    cheers from sweden!

  7. Hey Luis!

    to bad i dident have money to come and see u in guatemala with Christoffer..

    hope we ca get around to it :)

    would love to see pictures of our stuff!

    cheers from Norway

  8. really impressive stuff!

    cheers from Sweden


  9. Tack man!

    kollade ditt album med.. väldigt imponerande!

    hade bäst!

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