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  1. What I meant by my post was that I have a portfolio filled with insane color pieces big and small, as well as solid black and grey work. I get customers all of the time asking "can you do this?" (shows feather, symbol, lettering on Pinterest on their phone) Imaging the frustration. Yes, I can do that you are in good hands. A separate portfolio would be for those asking "what kind of custom, color ect, or what kind of tattoos do you love to do" that's really it. The separate lettering portfolio I suggested to on of my fellow artists who did INCREDIBLE custom lettering but constantly encou
  2. Eat some fist BUTTHEADS!

  3. Busy NJ tattoo studio seeks tattooist for part time shifts. Are you a motivated, friendly, professional tattooist with a great attitude to match? Artisanal Tattoo is looking to add a part-time tattooist to our staff. Artisanal is a high volume custom and walk-in shop and consistently busy year round. Artisanal Tattoo opened its doors 6 years ago and has built a solid reputation for killer tattoo work and friendly atmosphere. The shop is located in the center of Somerville which has become a destination hotspot, loaded with cools stores and terrific restaurants. What Artisanal Tattoo is lo
  4. I agree with not getting a back piece as your first. Use the cash to get a killer piece by someone you like. That way you'll see what you're getting into before jumping into such a massive commitment. I have several clients who have half finished HUGE back pieces who have not finished them for various reasons and drag out lengths of sittings, so the ink doesn't match and I have to constantly go back over and layer the existing ink. Not talking you out of what you want, but in my shop we have a policy of honesty and realistic expectations on artists as well as client responsibility. We have h
  5. Um, I would seriously advise against Hydrogen Peroxide unless this was a joke comment. HP acts like an acid and can actually leave scars on a cut or wound so imagine using it on the tattoo...yikes.
  6. I would refrain physical activity that's going to affect the tattoo, sweat contains bacteria, and you don't want to rub that nice open wound on gym equipment countless others have sweated/rubbed on. Plus all of the extra friction from the movement of your skin and clothing is so unnecessary. You paid good money for the new ink that will last FOREVER, taking a week off won't kill you.
  7. OK, here's the deal. Saran wrap is unclean and unsterile, and yes, a bacteria trap. What I use in the shop is a non stick bandage over the tattoo, wrapped lightly in a gauze/cling type wrap. This secures the bandage, the outer wrap keeps the bandage secure and NO LEAKS. I cringe when I see someone using saran wrap. A healing tattoo is no more than an abrasion ans should be healed as such.
  8. Haha, I had a full beard that everyone loved but me..but any tattoo on a woman is sexy in my opinion!
  9. Yelp is great for finding restaurants but not good for tattoo shops. We've had an unruly customer who was asked to leave and then quickly put up a negative post about one of our artists, and there is nothing we could do about it. I've seen great revues for mediocre area studios. If it was only shop info and maybe a star rating I'd say OK. On the other side of that coin we get a ton of new clients who said they found us on Yelp so....
  10. I work in a busy half custom half walk in heavy shop. What about making 2 portfolios, one for the work you like to do, shows your strengths, and can push for more cooler pieces, and one for the regular customers? I would put lettering, infinity symbols, feathers..all the "popular" walk in stuff. This can also help with the constant "can you do this" (shows phone image on pinterest)
  11. Haha I've had this happen many times with larger folk, been through many massage tables too. I use the Eva Salon chairs, the base is solid, BUT beware, they have to get up slow, because I've had people unbalance the chair and topple over.
  12. It all depends on the location of the tattooist, and how the tattoo was done. I usual touch up old work when I'm putting a new tattoo next to an old image. Or we get a ton of touch up walk ins from people who were unhappy with the original work, and creat a package deal for new ink, everybody wins!
  13. Hey what's up? I'm Lou O'Caiside, tattoo technician with coming up on 20 years experience. I love and hate things about this career and tattooists in general (it's cool, because I've been managing them for years) so I'll be asking a lot of questions and advice pertaining to this as well as offering what I've learned these long years as well. I've also been piercing for the same amount of time. Outside of tattooing I'm a state registered EMT, and work for the County Medical Examiner's office so I have lot's of good stories and medical knowledge that many do not. I've been a hardcore video
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