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  1. My allergy is to hypoallergenic steel... as in I even have issues with razors.
  2. As I look at all these pieces I am in awe and shock, I have an idea for a back piece that I want and it will pretty much be the only piece i ever get (maybe, if I can hack it). I have no images to post so I am hoping everyone has good imaginations... I want to get the tree of life all the way up my back, with roots wrapping around my backside, and some of the leaves peaking over my shoulders and collarbones. And surrounding the tree I wanted to put creatures that represented family that here and past... as yet to be determined
  3. For that I need to talk to a guy in BC I was told. And Thanks for the welcomes
  4. Beyond being a zombie, are you wanting the horse to have any determinable characteristics... bay, palomino, Appaloosa, roan, buckskin, Arabian... color also tends to lead to type when it comes to horses.
  5. IF I can, my reasons for joining this forum is to become more educated in tattooing in general due to the fact that I have had a reactions to hypoallergenic steel so I am a little worried as to any possible reactions I may have.I have even looked at some of the older forms of tattooing(shark tooth or bamboo) and those just sound painful. I have been invited to sit down and speak with a visiting artist monk that is coming to Edmonton in October.
  6. Hi my name is Bethenny, and as the title says I still have complete virgin skin. I grew up in a house surrounded with big burly men covered in ink and swore I would be covered in ink by the time I was in my 30's, well it has yet to happen as life has a way of changing ones plans whether we want them to or not. I will try offer quality and insightful posts, as I have seen a lot of bad tattoos in my life and some really good work.
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