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  1. Haha thanks for noticing. i thought it would be cool to add an extra finger, kindof a conversation starter when people realize it.
  2. Thats sweet, i really like the eye crying, that might be the ticket.
  3. I got my first tattoo at classic. i think that's where ill be getting this one done. hopefully by Lucas. i also have looked into ollies work, the good news is i waited so long to get tattooed i have lots of prime real estate to work with haha
  4. Have an idea here is a sketch. The hand will be coming out of water. I am not an artist, just bored at home haha, i just feel its missing something, maybe a border im not sure yet, will be placed on left shoulder i think. got the idea from cormac mccarthy "the road." kind of becoming a personal motto "carry the fire". probs put that in scroll somewhere on the peice and the anchor on his arm is the wrong way i know
  5. Messiah

    3eyed wolf head

    done at classic tattoo red deer ab
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Gilles, just joining her so i can enjoy the galleries of awesome tattoos, to help me get inspired about tattoos for myself. Awesome sight, thanks for hosting such a wealth of tattoo pics. Just started my collection, I really enjoy traditional in the style of sailor jerry and ed hardy. I always knew that "stamps" (this is what my son calls tattoos haha) was something i wanted to get, but was anxious of the pain. finally went for it and now im drawing up ideas like a mad man ha. Hope to be a contributing member of this awesome community. A little about me Im a Alberta boy, grew up in rural northern Alberta (yah its cold up here). I work service rigs, i love riding my mountain bike (trail rider) and i have 2 awesome sons that are the world to me. Well thats the coles notes version. Hope to meet some local peeps.