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    By Lizzie @ Speakeasy Tattoo
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    By Lizzie @ Speakeasy Tattoo
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    By Lizzie @ Speakeasy Tattoo
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    By Lizzie @ Speakeasy Tattoo
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    By Lizzie @ Speakeasy Tattoo
  6. My wife is in the process of getting her back tattooed. She was also afraid of going through the possibility of painful sessions... trust me, after the first couple of minutes of getting tattooed you almost become numb to the pain... from my experience I've actually felt more pain during the healing more than anything else... people not knowing you have a fresh tattoo on your back and they surprise you with a nudge or a tap... ouch!!! then there's the itchy feeling... but hey no biggie :) While she is light years ahead of me on the coverage on the back now, the process is going just fine... 5.5 hrs of outline just last month, a week ago she had a 4 hr session of shading and colour... now looking forward to more sessions of shading and colouring till we get to the finished piece and that will be the big reward... The healing process is something else... lots of soreness and irritation, no pain, no gain... right? but that's lasting for about a few days to a week at a time. Financially... it's demanding of course... but we figured that every three weeks to a month would be manageable... jonesy
  7. I got my first tattoo in the summer during a heat wave many years ago, it was a fair sized piece on my back that was a PITA to heal since I sweat like mad when it's mild out... Now when I get them I try to book for fall, winter or spring to allow my skin to heal without problems... jonesy
  8. Oh god... a possibility that he may have molested his own children too... With all of those charges Jail and SEAL Team Six is too good for this guy... death would come too quickly... I've seen some pretty nice displays of torture methods at the London Dungeon, maybe they could use a couple of these methods on this sicko... jonesy
  9. Nice! Speakeasy Tattoo is my next stop after I'm finished with my right arm. I thought about Pearl Harbor Gift Shop but I really like Lizzie's work. Maybe when the rest of my left arm is done I'll check them out. jonesy
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    Third session, 5 hrs of shading
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    Third session, 5 hrs of shading
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    Elbow pain!!! ouch!!!
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    Third session, 5 hrs of shading
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    Third session, 5 hrs of shading, thanks to AJ @ Endless Khaos.
  15. I like looking at pretty colours, my wife has pretty pale skin and all of her tattoos are colourful. Me, I have some with colours some without but I think black and grey looks better on me... if I can get away with using some colours on tattoos with a lot of detail I'll choose to put in some colour. jonesy
  16. Working in the food industry, and applying food safety and quality standards to everything down to the lubricants that are used on machines that do not even come into contact with food (secondary packaging equipment as an example), any and everything that is ordered is scrutinized heavily... All materials need a letter of guarantee, a certificate of analysis and a visit to the manufacturing plant to ensure that allergens are not used in the product, or even used on the same line or in the facility of origin... I have written letters to customers stating that all of our sourced raw materials etc are melamine free when that issue was big in the news... I have now seen some requests from our customers wanting us to prove that none of our products are manufactured in Japan because of the radiation concerns in the food chain... jonesy...
  17. Happy B'lated born day!!!
  18. The Ike sandwich shop, there's one here on the Stanford campus in the engineering building... I was getting hungry after dinner... and saw this place but didn't go... I'll check it out for sure when I'm in SF... ahhh so many places to check out now, my lunch and dinner plans are now all covered hehehehhe... thanks y'all, you're the best... I'm going home 20 lbs heavier!!! hehehhehe... jonesy...
  19. I'm in Palo Alto right now gonna catch some shut eye for a bit and walk around later and check out the Stanford campus with my wife. Thanks for the suggestions I will try and hit up at least two of the shops mentioned maybe we can get a little something done before heading back home... Maybe I can get my brother his first tattoo aswell, we'll see. :) Food... Top Three hmmmm... that's tough 'cause I'll try anything... Spicy (insanely hot) is good... (indian, thai, west indian food) Seafood Sushi But I'd love to try... anything local that's good... A good fish taco place... Before I leave I gotta go to Gorilla BBQ... mmmmmmmm... Much appreciated, jonesy
  20. Hi MsRad, we will have a car. I think we will spend most of our time in SF, my brother is looking for a place there... He's been wanting to get a tattoo so he's asking me to find some good shops we can visit in the area SF, Oakland, San Jose anywhere in the area... Hell, my wife and I might even get another tattoo while we're there. :) As for the food situation we'll try anything... if it tastes good we're there (meat or no meat)... hehehehhe... Thanks, jonesy
  21. Hello everyone, I will be in Palo Alto, CA next week between (March 29 - April 2) for work and play time... I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good tattoo shops in the area that will do walk-ins etc... maybe recommend some record shops and some good eats too :)... Much appreciated! jonesy
  22. Hey AbbyRoad! Welcome! Yay, Ontario... :) Jonesy
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    dragon sleeve

    Hi AlannaCA, AJ from Endless Khaos in Burlington is doing the work. Take care!