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  1. How far are you willing to travel to get tattooed at a certain shop? And what shop?
  2. So what is the general consensus on phoenix tattoos? I didnt see it mentioned so much in the thread about what tattoos you dont like to do but what are your thoughts? I am looking to get my first and have thought about a lot of ideas. I originally was trying to come up with a design that honored my parents since I lost them both so early and celebrated my wife and daughter. That wasnt working out so good. I decided that the phoenix can represent a lot of different things and as long it is a bad ass bird, it can look pretty cool. I need to talk to some of the local artists to see what I can do but looking mainly at my shoulder/upper arm or maybe upper back. Just wanted to get your thoughts.
  3. For me I see a picture of a tattoo or a tattooer doing a tattoo of a certain image and sometimes they just stick with me. I almost get obsessed in looking at variations of that one image and love seeing peoples takes on them. So lately I have been looking at, watching, and searching for ship or boat tattoos. I tend to enjoy ones that stick close to traditional tattoos but enjoy many of the variations. So here are some recent ones that I have been enjoying and wishing the quality of the pictures for some were better so I could really gaze at them. Lets see your ship or boat tattoos and/or those that you enjoy looking at as well.... Snappy Gomez LST Tattoo Gallery- Ship Mr. Frog LST Tattoo Gallery- Ship back piece in progress Do you have any updated pictures of this? Erik Gillespie LST Tattoo Gallery- Ship, Anchor & Heart
  4. So, I know the PC answer here is that our children must wait until they are 18 like everyone else, BUT... I know of 2 instances where someone let their kid get tattooed before 18 and I sort of don't have a problem with it (for them). Seems hypocritical since I made my son wait until his 18th birthday and threatened him that if he got a tattoo from anyone but my husband he would NEVER get tattooed at our shop and also filled his head with all types of cleanliness, health and safety issue horrors, all in an effort to keep him from going elsewhere or letting some sketchy sketcher fuck him up before he turned 18. In our case it worked. He waited and got a really nice tattoo for his birthday. But... SEVERAL of his friends have gotten tattooed before age 18 in street shops, just walkin in. WTF? Anyhow, the first person I heard of was a guest tattooer at our friends' shop in Denver. His daughter had been begging for a tattoo since she was about 8 years old. He kept putting her off and making her wait, thinking she would grow out of it and change her mind. She didn't and by 12 years old was talking about it non-stop. So then he set up a series of goals and expectations for school work and chores and behavior, and told her if she did it all she could get a (tiny) tattoo. He figured she would never be able to comply with the entire list. She did everything he asked her to do. So, then he was kind of stuck and had to honor his word so he gave her a tiny dime sized star on her shoulder. (Her name is Estrella.) That parlayed into 3 more stars, one for each family member so she now has 4 little stars. I still think 12 is too young, but after hearing the entire explanation from this guy it somehow started to sound ok in this instance. The second is an acquaintance of mine who's let her son who is 15 get a few tattoos. (I think he has 4 or 5 now.) He's grown up in a tattoo shop and will most likely tattoo for a living. I think he is already learning. And there are other circumstances that I won't mention here, but if you knew this family, Im telling you it just wouldn't seem that weird for mom to allow this. In my mind 15 is different than 12, but both are not 18 at the end of the day. I think my final stand is that it's not ok for my family but I can see how it might be ok for others. Mind you these are parents (or friends of the parents) tattooing their own kids in their own shops. Im not in any way suggesting that one should ever tattoo a minor that you didn't personally know, even if the parents were there. I know my husband would never do it, under any circumstance. So the question of this thread is... is it ever ok?
  5. at fade fast. my arm is super swollen. and not like painful-because-of-bruising swollen. but more like lymphadema elephant man swollen. it doesnt hurt at all, but it sucks. is this normal? any advice on how to handle this? about the treatment- its NOT painful. uncomfertable- yes. in fact the only time it hurt was when i was thinkng about what its comparable too. my experience was more like tiny pin pricks and stinging. there were some foot wagging and teeth grinding moments, but never was i ready to take a break or praying for it to be over with. there is no way to say it hurts more or less than getting a tattoo, because theyre two different feelings- apples and oranges. off the bat, all of my shading as knocked out and some black areas were gone or very faded. it also stings like a sunburn an hour or two after treatment. again, nothing bad. my arm is full of huge blisters now also. they do not hurt, just look gnarley. i was scared as hell going into this, nobody should be. its seriously not that bad or as crazy as it looks.. - - - Updated - - - which also makes me think, everything ive read or seen- the prices people are charged, the agony people are put through, and especially the results people are getting, it is VERY important to travel to see somebody with a rep in the tattoo community to get this done.
  6. So i've been getting a couple of pieces removed with laser and wondered what other laser technicians have said is good aftercare for customers. Ive been using Aloe-99 cold processed aloe vera gel as soon as i get home. by then the treated area is beginning to swell and is red hot. I'll wash the area with some dr bronners liquid soap (i use it at home and the tattoo shop) and apply the aloe vera gel straight away. i will repeat almost as soon as the last batch was absorbed and do this as many times as i can before bed, then i have recently discovered that if i wrap up my leg (thats where the offending tattoos are) with lots of the gel for the first day following treatment (and change the dressing a few times during the day), the swelling is minimized and the discomfort is minimal without clothes rubbing on it all day. i'm on day 3 since my last treatment (ive had 3 on one and 4 on the other) and bruising has def taken over and the mad itching begins. no one told me how insanely itchy lasered skin gets, holy shit! it's primal, you cant stop yourself, ill even wake myself up in the middle of the night full on scratching with all my nails. also it goes without saying that laser treatment needs the patience of a saint and shouldnt be taken lightly, for a start it hurts WAY more than the original tattoo ever did, it's not a quick way to remove or lighten any tattoos, it's expensive over time. i know people whove been trying to laser off medium sized plain black tattoos for a couple of years and they are only beginning to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. your lasered tattoo WILL look like shit for the whole period of time you are treating it ( i reckon it looks a bit like mouldy bread), i'm lucky cos mine are on my legs and i got so many tattoos around them you almost don't notice somethings amiss unless you know what youre looking at. i only recommend laser to my customers if they want a cover up anyway and it's gonna help lighten the original tattoo. ive seen that laser just aint the magic cure to completely get rid of tattoos. ps. once it's all over and it's time for the cover ups i will post before and after pics, but really, it's not gonna be for a frickin long while!
  7. Just had a full sleeve done by Dmitriy Samohin. I did 8 days straight 8-9 hours a day for all this to be completed. Around 70 hours :) The Panther and Lion are on my thigh :) Hope this is in the right place :)
  8. Would it be unreasonable to ask a tattoo artist to recreate a painting that a friend did, as a tattoo? I could see an artist not wanting to copy someone else's work instead of drawing it themselves, but i also would like to have my friends design as a tattoo, so i was wondering what other people thought of this idea, or if it was something that most people wouldnt do?
  9. How did/do you choose your first tattoo(s)? What did it mean to you. Are you happy with it or would you do it differently today? Can we see a picture and hear the story that assisted you in placing it on your body?
  10. Hello! So this is my second intro post, but ive taken my original idea and reworked it, Just would like some feedback. Basically, the body drawings are rough sketches, of course the feathers would be done better and the little girl would look more like the one in the pic with the long quote. The quote ive shortened to "happiness is not the absence of struggle". There's a ton of meaning behind every inch of this design and I could explain it, but really im just looking for feedback on the tattoo aesthetically. Im planning on keeping it all black ink, but if you think colour would look nice somewhere, let me know! This will be my first tattoo so all the feedback is appreciated greatly. Keep in mind these are rough sketches and my artist (who I met today!! :D ) will be drawing it out more nicely. Im likely going to have to break it up into pieces and do it over the course of the year because of cost, opposed to squeezing it into a month or two. As far as pricing goes, what do you guys think? I just want to get a few more quotes before I commit to this shop. Thanks a million! cant get photos to upload on post.. check out my gallery :)
  11. what is the skull / mortarboard (graduation cap) / book and pipe tattoo from? any origin? and what is the butterfly with the skull as a body? kinda like on the cover of Silence of the Lambs.
  12. Tattoo stigmas? Do they still exist? Do you have one or some? Have you been on the other side of a stigma? If so, where (city) and what was the stigma?
  13. so i went through a really dark patch a few months ago, and in a state of unmatched disregard i got a tattoo on my shoulder of my dog with a heart and flowers around it. very cutesie, and though beautifully done it is not my style at all and i've come to really hate it i'd like to remove the dog (fortunately it's black) and, if possible put in it's place an eagle or something. really anything. two questions: 1) this tattoo was done by Eli Quinters at smith street, who i deeply respect as both a tattooer and as a super nice person. should i tell him that i would like to remove / replace the dog in the heart? should i give him the opportunity to operate on his own work? or should i take the job elsewhere. i do intend to get more work from him in the future..perhaps i could just not show him that arm 2) what do you think is possible as far as a coverup / re-working? again, i only intend to remove the dog. i think that attempting a full cover-up / removal would be a bit ambitious. thanks all.
  14. I suspect that there is no 'correct' answer to the question I'm going to pose, but here goes... Recently while browsing Thomas Hooper's blog I was blown away by his geometric black work. As it stands all of the coverage I have is either traditional japanese colour or traditional. I'm not sure that I could insert a large-scale black work piece, along the lines of something by Hooper like a Mandala, without achieving a sort of 'jarring' effect. Is it important to you that you collect work which has an overall cohesion, visually and thematically, or do you please yourself and not worry about this so much. Would you (or do you) see a problem with having a black work back piece, japanese sleeves and traditional leg pieces ... Or is that variety part of the spice of life?
  15. since there has been a lot of discussion about them over at the Most Painful thread, i thought it might be time to set aside a thread devoted to palm tattooing alone. i saw a set that Lizzie did and i thought it was extremely beautiful and elegant despite being so simple (and physically, understandably so!) i would be lying if i said i wasn't jealous and didn't wish that it was on me rather than the person in the picture (and i have never wanted hand tattoos before seeing this!) anyone else seen any that they really love?
  16. This comes after a comment Julio made: "this guy rolled through the shop in san jose once. kinda rockabilly type with is rockabilly girl. he did have a mustache and goatee going on. but under the mustache you could see he had a mustache TATTOOED on him!!!!!!! it was kinda in the shape of the pringles guy. he wanted a day of the dead sugar skull of him and his girl with a dagger. i drew one with the silly mustache. he never came back to get it tattooed. i think i offended him with the funny mustache on the skull that represented him." There have gotta be more folks holding on to drawings like this that never happened!
  17. hi all this is my introduction thread. im a huge enthusiast in tattoos and i love american traditional style hence the name. im going to school to major in art education but i all types of art. the reason i titled this thread trad. flash help is because i drew an american traditional design and would like some input on it. i had planned to get it on my left leg but placement is still up in the air and i dont know if i should keep all of the elements. i also want to get a homeward bound ship on the same leg in the future so i need to plan around that. constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance guys
  18. I figured I'd document my laser sessions here for those that would like to follow along. The Woman doing it is the Physicians Assistant for a Dermatologist near my house. At my consultation she said she could do half at a time and today she said the reason was that if there was a negative reaction it would be on only half of the area rather than the whole thing. Today she said as long as this goes well she could probably do the whole thing in one session and after todays session it doesn't seem like it should be a problem, she did much more than half today. They use the Medlite C6 which is, from what I understand, one of the best lasers on the market. I'm happy with the outcome so far, the skin isn't broken or anything and there's no blistering. My wife got something removed by another Dermatologist on her finger and it blistered and bled like a motherfucker. I'm not sure if she could have hit it harder today but I'd rather she not and not have it be a big bloody mess. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do what I can to answer :D Here's before... And after todays session which I understand will lighten more over the next 6 weeks as my body absorbs the ink... I'm getting the rest done on the 7th and from there I'll go back as my bank account allows me...
  19. The thing I love most about knuckle tattoos is the need to be clever within a predefined container of 8 (or 10) letters. Plus it's just some good ol fashion stupid fun to come up with new ones! I think my current favs are: BOOK WORM and TRUE GENT
  20. Here I go, probably freaking out over some thing that just needs more healing time. My tattoo is now on its 5th day of healing, and doing really well! My left rose is almost completely peeled and hasn't been swollen or red for a few days. However, on the right rose, its mostly peeled but one leaf has this thick scab that developed around the 2nd day, but hasn't shown any signs of peeling or softening. Now there's also a scab/scar forming near the outline on the red part of the petal near it (you can see it in the picture). I've heard of people getting thick scabs that eventually fall off and pull all of the ink out, which would be a huge bummer. Has any one had a similar experience and how did it turn out for you? I'm going to stop putting lotion or aquaphor on that leaf for now and see if that helps. But its strange only part of the tattoo is reacting this way. (On a side note: my healing method is to leave the bandage on overnight, wash it good in the morning and let it dry out for about 24 hours, but washing it 3-5x that first day. Then I wash it about 3x a day and only apply a thin layer of aquaphor after it dries out completely after washing. Once it starts peeling, I continue washing it 3x a day and only put aveeno lotion on it after I wash it and dry it.)
  21. After watching the new tattoo age video of Freddy and recently looking at the 222 Tattoo Shop thread I think we need a Temple Tattoo thread. Also for good measures let's make Tattoo 13 (Freddy's other shop with good tattooers as well) in the mix....For those who haven't seen it here is the interview Scott Sylvia did with Freddy Corbin for LST For me Temple Tattoo is where @Scott Sylvia outlined and did some of the shading on my lower left arm of a cobra with a Dia De Los Muertos mask on wrapped around a sacred heart. Also Freddy Corbin did the lettering on my collar bone which I've mentioned in the lettering thread was impressive to see him make a few lines on my collar then take the pen and start writing some amazing script straight on where within a few minutes said "take a look in the mirror", the man is impressive. But overall when I think of Temple I think of hanging out laughing with friends, after hours smoking inside, and shooting the shit. The beautiful religious art, altars, flash with very good and friendly tattooers inside. I remember in the early days trying to find something to eat close by on the weekends was a pain in the ass as the block/area used to be like a zombie ghost town on the weekends. For Tattoo Thirteen I instantly think of Chummy Alexanian and Hector Fong as well as the same vibe/atmosphere as Temple. Plus the infamous Friday the Thirteenth parties there. I've only been tattooed once there and it was by Freddy at one of the parties. I had a colleague with Parkinson's want to get tattooed so I gave him a list of tattoo shops to checkout and he decided on here so I went with him and Sonju tattooed him. The experience was great and Sonju was very patient and gave him a great tattoo which I can only imagine is no easy job in that situation and the uncontrollable moving. Lets hear your stories........
  22. Really want a shark tattoo, I have the idea ready for someone to get it drawn up, problem is deciding on an artist. Here are a few artists I am considering, will be searching for more when I get time. Thinking it will need some blood in the water and big sharp teeth. Hunter and Fox Tattoo - Sanchez jasmin austin | Tumblr Hunter and Fox Tattoo - W.T. Norbert Always a consideration for me is Tristan Bentley Open for ideas on artists from Australia or someone heading over to Australia.
  23. Every time I watch the movie Eastern Promises or see and flip through one of the various Russian Criminal Tattoo books (Volume I, Volume II, or the newer one Volume III) I am reminded of the beauty, significances, true tattoo stories, and rawness of these tattoos. There's a neighborhood in San Francisco were I used to spend some time in regularly drinking coffee and eating pastries when on some lucky occasions I would get to bear witness to one or some of these historically rich tattoos. On only a few occasions the individuals would see me checking out there tattoos and would notice mine so conversations would follow or they would see me looking at theirs notice mine and give me a nod. The few stories I've gotten to hear were amazing and I can only imagine they were censored for my ears. The combinations of religious and spiritual imagery mixed with deeper unique meanings I can never get enough of. So this thread is a place to share your Russian Tattoo Designs, pictures, and stories. I have attached some images I got off of the internet because I have never felt right asking those I've seen with these tattoos for pictures, go figure. Thanks! Here are some other threads that may perk your interest if you like this one: Old Tattoo Designs Tattoo Definitions Was tattooing as popular 100 years ago? Religious and Spiritual Tattoos What tattoo designs can you never see enough of? Tattooers Reference Libraries Visual Tattoo Opinions Stigmas?
  24. I'm really diggin' this design (attached), especially in this spot. Hard to describe. Not exactly the inner bicep or the outer bicep so I'll just call it the "front bicep." Basically it would be visible best when facing me. I've seen this placement on a few people. What do you guys think about the piece and the placement? Pros and cons?
  25. Is there a standard place where the sleeve ends? I wanted to be able to cover my sleeve with a dress shirt, and my artist stopped it exactly where I asked, but now that I've lived with it for a while I'm thinking it might look better a little longer. I'm probably over-thinking this (like I always do). So I'm asking the experts, where does the sleeve end? Thanks!