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  1. How far are you willing to travel to get tattooed by a certain someone? And who? Here's a similar thread: Travel and shop choosing Feel free to jump in here or the other one, thanks.
  2. OK I am not asking anyone to design a tattoo before I get flamed. I have had a great offer from 4 tattoo artists I work with regarding my sleeve. The plan so far is for the 4 of them to get together with a big old sheet of paper and drawing supplies plus me and my blank arm. What happens next is kind of competative drawing with each artist doing a piece and biding for space. I am hoping that by the end of the night or the end of the booze at least we will have a pile of super cool pictures and a stencil for my arm. Tattooing of the outline is a job for the next day and each artist will then complete there designs over a few months. Firstly does this sound as good an idea to you guys as it does to me? Secondly I must have missed an important pitfall somewhere what is it? Lastly I have a list of must have elements for a hotrod sleve but I would welcome your ideas so I dont forget any classics.
  3. What is your opinion on tattoos and the work place? Are there certain careers where the visibility of a tattoo should matter or should it never matter? What are your thoughts around tattoos and professionalism? Do they go hand in hand? Or is it the performance of the individual that should be the bottom line? What has been your experience around tattoos and the work place? What is the location, city, that this experience has taken place?
  4. Kelly Osbourne: Why I'm Removing Most of My 15 Tattoos Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Wednesday – October 06, 2010 – 5:21pm Comments (11) » Kelly Osbourne isn't done reinventing herself! The slimmed down star -- who recently told Us Weekly about how she's managed to keep off almost 50 pounds after a year -- plans to get most of her 15 tattoos removed. Osbourne, 25, announced her decision to undergo laser tattoo removal in her weekly column for British magazine Closer (as reported in The Daily Mail.) PHOTOS: Celebs' weird body art She had her revelation recently while shooting the flick Should've Been Romeo, when makeup artists covered up the ink. "I can't say I missed them!" she wrote. "I met with my dermatologist and I'll start the laser treatment as soon as I have time," the Dancing with the Star alum said. The erasure process won't be short and painless, either. "It will take several months, and while I'm not looking forward to the pain, I've heard it hurts less than getting the tattoo," Osbourne wrote. "I hope so!" PHOTOS: Kelly's amazing body transformation She doesn't hate all of her tattoos, Osbourne explained. "Some still have a special meaning, like the matching ones my brother Jack and I have of each other's names, but now I feel like some were a mistake." Last year, Osbourne told British talk show This Morning that getting inked was "my way of self harming, because I really knew it would upset my mum and dad," she admitted of parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. PHOTOS: How other stars went from hot mess to hotness "I was miserable and I just went and got all these tattoos and I don't know why. One of them is a keyboard and I don't even know how to play a piano!" She added: "As you get older, you realize that you don't want to be defined by your tattoos, because that's not the type of person that I am."
  5. Woman allegedly tries to cut tattooed name off man Read more: (11-15) 17:02 PST Lincoln, Neb. (AP) -- Lincoln police said a woman tried to slice a tattoo of her name off her boyfriend's neck. Capt. Anthony Butler told the Lincoln Journal Star that the 19-year-old woman and her 30-year-old boyfriend had gotten into a dispute around 6:40 p.m. on Friday. That's when she tried to cut off the tattoo. Butler said the boyfriend suffered only minor injuries, mostly scratches. Other details were not available. ___ Information from: Lincoln Journal Star, Read more:
  6. I was lookin at your lists in the blogs of who has tattooed you and I have two lists..ones from years ago,like bob shaw,etc and ones newer like mike wilson.... Any how the biggest regret i have is i had a chance to get tattooed by greg irons and....PASSED!!!!!!!!!!! thats right...PASSED!!!!!!!!( i may have told this story elsewhere) I was visiting SF I think it was 82...and we were up there on broadway and greg was working the night shift at deans and he was putting a dragon off the wall on a friend of mine and i was making time with this chick so we went for a walk to a park below broadway like kinda behind the mabuhay gardens and i started picking her locks and never made it back to the shop!!!!!!!!! Of course hindsight is 20 20....and you trading some PR machines for a set of rare books in 85....losing a 57 goldtop les paul to a pawnshop for 100.00 that hangs in freedom guitar with a 10,000 dollar pricetag...all that was material things...but that tattoo...well that is the pinnacle of regrets for me....I would still have it today.... I cannot even remember the girls name.....
  7. I may have talked about this elsewhere but i thought some of you may be interested in this as my first post here Jaz Dringenberg turned me on to the site As most of you know the swinggate is a machine design that is usually attributed to bob in the "bob shaw swinggate". I had always known it was a manifestation of THE PIKE but stumbled on some fascinating facts about it and its invention.... ('the pike' a small area of long beach california like coney island for want of a better description)a few streets cedar way,chestnut place,seaside and at various times lots of tattoo shops or a few...Bert grimms,Leeroys,Long beach tattoo(the 1st one) the rose,seven seas,and alot of others) nonetheless bob shaw has always been a hero of mine..he did my first tattoo when i was16....30.00 a hotstuff coverup(like hotstuff sitting on a cliff covering up my "led zep' handpoked" beaut".....i digress recently I acquired all of Lou lewis's machine building stuff..(recently last 5 years)Lou was partners at times with ernie sutton and they had a small tattoo supply company they ran out of their main street shop called LOS ANGELES TATTOO SUPPLY i have a flyer from 53( this is a new computer i will try to post it)....basically they were taking Jonesys and reworking them...cutting the top of the sidewing off or all of the sidewing and rewinding the coils with 26g. wire for a smoother ride replating them etc....In fact that flyer is the firstttime i saw "handmade"...anyway they made really nice machines I have a few of them...Lou was doing some real trick shit with springs..he was doubling up front ones...and i have one that he used a super floppy front spring that has a gap smaller than a dime but a 3 mile throw.... another that the abar hits the top of both coils square and alot of them were I think his search for a better machine pre capicitor(73 ish) as if you collect old machines as i do you know what the feel is but some of his really run good... but that is another story well i knew of lou lewis because leeroy always said he was the best tattooer on the whenever i heard his name i would perk up and listen... sutton and lewis had a shop at 10 cedar way upstairs in the early 60s...fred thorton was partners with captain jim at the long beach tattoo..they called it "the other corner" lewis and suttons lease was up so fredthorton went to the landlord and'bought out" their lease...not an uncommon practice when tattooing was Lou and ernie took all the plastic off the flash and house painted it filled the shitters with cement and left that to thorton... sutton moved back to downtown and Lewis went to work for Bert grimm.That is of big importance in the invention of the swinggate bert grimms was always the flagship of the pike....and there were usually pairs of tattooers...I know it was opened in 27 and i know people like Lawson and red gibbons and charlie barr etc worked there before bert bought it....regardless the 60s had Zeke and lou working the nightshift and bert and bob working the day shift. later(70s) it was nolan and hongkong tom etc.... In 1964 the health department came in and told them due to a hepatitis out break that the sponge and bucket days was the time the setups were four machines outliner black shader ,red and green machine....they wanted them changing tubes and inks etc....and they wanted them to start doing it yesterday So lou who held various jobs everything from a customs agent and postal inspector to a machinist(thats the key) for the airplane companies during the war went home that night and came back with the swinggate design. I have a roundback jonesy that was one of the 1st from the collection of his i obtained which caused me to investigate this matter..i knew it was super early and real trick so.....) It is a simple enough design and easy to put do not even need to remove the that was the birth of the fact the swinggate we know now Bob Shaws..well the first runs were waters frames waters #2...the iron ones...they would cut off the back dual binders and half the vice and rechrome them....I have seen some that were never completely built and you could see the indent left on the back upright from the dual binders and the PW or W stamped on the inside of the front upright...I am not sure if they took old machines and reworked them or if bob shaw had a connection for abunch of waters frames...I am pretty sure waters died in 51 in anniston alabama but there may have been alot of NOS left....hard to say Lou finished out his career at bert grimms...he died in i figure with the relationship he had with shaw after his death it was natural that shaw kept the design.I also know alot of retired tattooers that tattooed on the pike that refer to tubevices simply as "gates" the impact is evident....There was a run of ASluminum jensens(jensen specials) that were swinggates....I do not know if there are 11 or 22 but jensen cast a tree of 22 with the specials...anyway those must have been made right after lewis died and jensen filled lewis chair before bert and him had a flling out and he finished his career at Leeroys....(the reason i mention this is jensen was a great machinist..he was Barbers machinsit that is why there is a Barber perfection machin pre jensen goping off on his own...different in design but same name..i think Baber was F. W. barber but i could be wrong, but obviously the swinggate was good enough for an old machinist like jensen to give it a whirl... as a side not i inherited some of jensens machines and his engraver and springpunch from Bill mokry...when bill died. why i mention this is jensen was not using a swinggate at the time of his death he was sawing them back at least the ones i got that were his...some of you that were around Maaske when he was friends with leeroy probably know more about that then me and i am curious if there were any jensen swinggates(not aluminum... in the stuff erik was getting from i do not know if that small run of jensen aluminums with the swinggate were just his "team' enthusiasm when hewas at grimms or truly though they were a winning design. I also beleieve thats Zeke was the first guy making cutback liners...he was taking machines and hammering back the front and hammering forward the back and viola' instant cutback....I think lou lewis may have had a hand in that too..since they worked together at bert grimms.....but i will write about that later..when i have my photos hooked up here as examples If you want to see Los angeles tattoo supply company machines they are floating around..they will have the modified sidewing but will be rechromed so it looks like it was cast that way....Masters in sandiego had alot of them a few years ago (tahiti felix) I always had a hardtime with them as i am a jonesy freak and when i would come across one that was modified and rechromed i would have a hardtime believing they were jonesys....But through a little digging i found that Lou was buying them for 3 for 10.00(maybe cheaper if he was buying them unbuilt) and modifying them then reselling them for 10.00 and 12.00 bucks depending on the plating....also the other trick shit he was doing for that time period.... regardless I thought i would do this as my first post.
  8. BIRDMAN Or a day in the life of a tattooist in 1978 At 4pm the sun was shinning nearly dead even into the window of the small tattoo shop on Kennedy Boulevard speaking of dead it was located just opposite the car rental that rented the white van to the first unsuccessful bombers of the World Trade Towers. Union City, NJ was not exactly exotic like Bombay nor was it cool like NYC for that matter it didn’t even seem like New Jersey it was more like little Cuba. Run by a soon to be convicted for corruption and extortion Italian wise guy, the not so honorable Mayor Musto. The windows in question, where the sun was about to cook through, were grayish and gritty. Despite the efforts of the proprietor, that’s me by the way, to clean them often. I suspected it was probably from the crematorium just a few blocks up the boulevard. It gave me pause to think of somebody’s grandfather dusted across my window. So I always said “excuse me folks” when I washed it off and wished them a quick trip over the river Styx. Although it could have been the carbon burning traffic on this snake like road, it was constant and as loud as two young Italian wannabe wise guys yakking up stories of hitting and robbing the trains in the transfer station in North Bergin and wanting to trade stolen goods for tattoos. This strip down to Staten Island on the NY side was much later to be the haunted holy grounds of The Sopranos’ Godfather Tony. It’s not what you think, a typical scummy little tattoo shop in a grimy small town in New Jersey. It was a small piece of heaven in 1978 for me. “Clean enough to eat off the floors” I’d say. The shop was only 12 feet across and 25 feet long and it held the universe. From the moment I opened the doors I had so much business I almost couldn’t handle it. I became fast friends with the local Santero, A Santeria Priest for those of you of the white bread persuasion. After that I was gold in the Cuban Community they watched out for me Cooked for me invited me to salsa dances and got tattooed as penance or prayers Santa Barbara, St Lazarus, Cryptic scrawl of Santeria spells all became my tween worlds my bread and butter. I was being taught to speak enough Spanish to ask what color and how much do you want to spend by a young lovely young Cuban woman without dancing legs in a wheel chair who sat with a talking Parakeet on her right shoulder that spoke more Spanish than I could, after four months I quit. Speaking of Spanish speaking birds and other oddities of living in the land of the Mariolettos (Cubans let out of prisons and insane asylums a gift from Castro for the US State Department to give visas too. the Set on rickety boats to America. Those who made the crossing also made their way from Miami FL to Union City NJ. What was I saying? oh yes, I have to pull on your coat about the Birdman. I had a slow day doing a couple of cryptic Santeria tattoos on friends of the local Santero. I was buzzing away on the last one when it started. I had a wall separating the tattoo area from the front and a small security mirror to see who came through the door. I heard this chirping. I was thinking it was a bird found it’s way into my shop. I looked up to the to see him, this guy chirping away. First long chirps with pause then rolling chirps all connected together. He was wearing a cut off yellow windbreaker with out the usual wife beater shirt, and ripped jeans. I called over the wall “I’ll be right with you pal.” He just stuttered out another bird song. Completing the tattoo I was doing, I collected my fee and walked through the door to the front. “So what’s up?” He pivoted, pulling down the jacket zipper turning his naked to the waist and tan lined body to me smelling of High Karate, yelling, he was, “THE BIRDMAN!” To prove it he had it emblazoned across his his back from shoulder to shoulder in eight inch tall Old English letters tattooed, that read, B-I-R-D-N-A-N! I say calmly, “OK Birdman, never acknowledging the eight inch missing M, What can I do for you.” Pointing to a blank spot among the small bird tattoos wallpapering his arm, he said, rattling through his nose. “Well! What do you think? I want a bird tattoo right here.” There were birds the likes of hummingbirds as big as eagles and chickadees larger than crows, no accounting for scale, style, or skill. Although, he was working hard to fill with birds in every open space. Sort of like the driving style of New Jersey drivers if there is a space you fill it. He shows me the picture of a whippoorwill whilst chirping the whippoorwills’ song or so he claimed. I never having seen or heard a whippoorwill took his word for it. During the tattoo he entertained me by singing no less than 50 songs of various birds of North America, all while chewing on sunflower seeds. I didn’t bother putting on the stereo. Someone else came through the door, as I was finishing up the tattoo. Birdman was donning his windbreaker; I strolled to the front to chat up the next client. He passed me singing a sad bird refrain and smiled and whispered passing. “I’m the Birdman…” The new customer and I walk to the work area. I look down to the clients black leather chair and there to my astonishment where Birdman was sitting, was a three inch,golden foil covered, chocolate egg!
  9. I understand that the meanings of tattoos can and often do change over time so I am curious to hear about what you know and/or have heard about tattoo meanings? I will start off with some common tattoos I see and hear similiar stories: Dragon tattoos? Nautical Star tattoos? Sparrow tattoos? Dagger tattoos? Butterfly tattoos? Dove tattoos? Anchor tattoos? Man's Ruin tattoos? Dice tattoos? Eightball tattoos? Do you have one of these tattoo designs? Tells us about it and what it means and post a pic!
  10. So this lady came in the shop the other day to get her ribs worked on, and she brought in this lady to hypnotize her.. long story short, it didn't work. Funny as hell though.
  11. duskymom


    Hi there. Thought I should introduce myself before I go into full on lurking mode... Friend posted a link on Facebook - that's how I got here. Looking forward to checking out the site even more; thanks for having me. I get tattoos I don't give them. ~ Rita
  12. Wedge

    What's up?

    Hi, I'm a new member here but not new to tattoos or forums so I hope I can contribute a little. I'm a tattoo collector from CT and I look forward to seeing what's happening around this place. When I get a chance I'll create a gallery of my tattoos and then I think a couple of people might recognize them from another forum although under a different name. I actually got curious about this place from someone posting links on another board. Wedge
  13. Here is the link that Ed Young sent me today, didn't see the online obituary around here and I'm hoping I'm posting this in the proper spot on this site and sorry if it's not. Pinky Bing Kwan Yun 1927 - 2010 - Obituary -
  14. Hey, everybody. My name is Nathan and I'm a professional tattooer in Chattanooga, Tn. I've been tattooing for five years, beginning as an apprentice to two very honorable mentors. I've spent the entirety of my career so far at that same shop. I love tattooing pretty much more than anything...ok...definately more than anything period. My goal is to, throughout the entirety of my career (hopefully, my entire life), always improve, always reach for more and maybe even achieve relevance. Basically always just earn my place in the craft. And above all, satisfy my clients and make them feel happy they got with me. Have a great night and Cheers!
  15. Aahzz

    Hi there!

    Hi folks. Name's Aahzz. I'm a father, husband, guitarist, and IT guy living in the Cincinnati area. Got my first ink about a month ago, am scheduled for piece number two this coming Friday...and have been enjoying poking 'round the net at a variety of tattoo-related sites :). Looking forward to hanging out here, and will post pics here's number one, 3.5 weeks healed....
  16. How did/do you choose a tattoo(s)? Is there a meaning to your decision? Is there always a meaning to the tattoo(s) you get? What was the deciding factor in you putting a thought, event, etc on your body? Pls share a picture!
  17. I just did a little blog entry on how punk rock and tattoos came together for me. I'd like to hear others stories on how the two have gone together in their lives. Thanks ,Dean
  18. Anyone get a wedding tattoo they like or regret? Wondering if I should. Sometimes I think things like that are bad luck. You got any sage advice, people?
  19. Just made 4 HUGE batches of ink and didn't get a single drop of pigment on my clothes. One fucking drop of orange hit my apron but that's it. I do have rainbow boogers now though.
  20. i have been Lasering people @ Jinx Proof Tattoos in DC for 6 years. i use a medlite C6 and have the most experience of anyone in the area. if you are ever near DC, give me a call. karl 202-337-5469