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Bayside Tattoo 2 reviews


    • marble girl
    • July 23, 2012

    James did a great job, he is an amazing artist. they’re close to where I work so had wanted to Check it out awhile, and after looking through Some photos there I find his work hard to beat. Since learned he’s moved on to a larger shop Across town, can’t wait to get more work from Him.

    Tattoo Artist Name: James Corgill

    • Chickity
    • October 5, 2012

    Dirty as hell, The “wife” / “shop manager’ was so fucked up she could hardley stand. Their kids were there and Dirty and running around the shop… I wouldnt get inked there again…. the work was OK, but Ill looking to get it covered now. dont waste your time or money on these amatures!

    Tattoo Artist Name: Matt

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