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Liberty Tattoo 2 reviews


    • Avery Taylor
    • April 17, 2012

    It takes me three hours to get there, but this is my local shop. Some of the best American Traditional style tattooing in the Pacific Northwest. Everyone here puts on a good tattoo.

    Tattoo Artist Name: Matt Arriola, Trevor Taylor, Vinse One

    • Hands On
    • April 18, 2012

    When I moved up from the Bay area to the Seattle area about 1.5yrs ago, I checked out a bunch of shops and decided on Liberty, for the same reason @Avery Taylor mentioned… high quality American Traditional.

    Liberty has a great street shop feel… OG hand painted signage*, swinging saloon doors, and flash almost anywhere you can put it… even climbing up to the ceiling.

    The vibe is chill and the music is good. Can’t ask for much more when you’re getting tattooed… maybe except for a cold beer.

    Street parking can be a bitch, but what else is new? Get there early and park, get tattooed, then grab some eats at the Hawaiian joint a few doors down… it’ll be a great day!


    Tattoo Artist Name: Trevor Taylor, Matt Arriola

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